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READER PHOTO! Melissa’s garden in New Jersey

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Melissa Ryle

Today’s photo is from Melissa Ryle. She says, “I live in New Jersey near the shore. I’ve been gardening for about 10 years now and little by little I have transformed my half-acre yard. It changes every year, and although it is a lot of work I don’t mind any of it. It relaxes me as well as my neighbors around us! Enjoy!!”

It must be amazing to drive into that driveway every day, Melissa! Send us more photo of your garden, will you? We’d love to see them!

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  1. gottagarden 03/16/2012


  2. anaabrantes157 03/16/2012

    So ....So Beautiful !

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/16/2012

    I would have a smile of satisfaction every time I came home and turned into my drive.That is a gloriously lush vista to be greeted by.
    Looking at those wonderful large mophead hydrangea blooms gave me a trip down memory lane. I grew up on the shore in southern NJ and hydrangeas were definitely the most popular plant. There was always a big week long festival to celebrate them at the height of their blooming season and it was very much an honor for a local homeowner to make the list of "places of note". I think there was also a contest with several categories and the winners got lots of local newspaper coverage. Anyway, Melissa, it looks like you would be a "contenda"!

  4. Kimi57 03/16/2012

    This is just lovely, how nice to drive up to a place like this! If only everyone could make this world more lovely it would bring hearts and eyes on the Creator...

  5. ozgoode 03/16/2012

    Lush! How lovely and welcoming! Congratulations.

  6. OUGARDEN2 03/16/2012

    Wow!! This is so beautiful :)

  7. pattyspencer 03/16/2012

    Can you imagine after a hard day at work to come home to this? Wow! What a beautiful job you've done!!!!!

  8. tractor1 03/16/2012

    Lovely with everything in bloom... I wish there were more pictures of the rest of Melissa's half acre. I'd like to see the driveway from the other end too, I think I see tall hollyhocks and some pretty sunflowers. Every time I see one of these surburban gardens I'm envious because I can no longer plant all that deer diet... I'll have to settle for vicarious.

  9. greengrowler 03/16/2012

    I agree with tractor1 but for a different reason - I would LOVE to grow, but cannot due to climate, not critters, those gorgeous hydrangeas! And yes, add me to the list of those that would love to see more of Melissa's half-acre - to have a half acre in itself would be a dream! Melissa, if the rest of your landscape is even half as beautiful as your driveway, it must be fabulous.

    If anyone can suggest varieties of hydrangea that can grow in Colorado, please share. Maybe SheilaSchultz up Denver way??

  10. soilgoil 03/16/2012

    This former New Jerseyite has never seen a more welcoming driveway. You've taken a utilitarian space, Melissa, and turned it into so much more. Please submit more photos of your undoubtedly lovely garden.

  11. Tania_yaya 03/17/2012

    Way to go Melissa!!! You should show your before pictures too! Proud of you girl!
    Tania G.

  12. jmlecocq 03/18/2012

    I love the hydrangas...and what a profusion of color leading into your home. Nice.

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