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Surinder’s INDOOR garden in New Jersey

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Surinder Chadha

Back in September we spent a day on Surinder Chadha’s deck (refresh your memory HERE) outside his home in Old Tappan, New Jersey. It was packed with beautiful containers, and he teased us by saying that his indoor garden was just as nice.

Well, today he’s taking is inside! Surinder, it’s a toss-up. I’m not sure which is more beautiful. I’ve never seen houseplants so lush and huge, and your house is beautiful, too! Thanks so much for the tour!

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  1. OuiserThatsMe 12/09/2013

    both your outdoor and indoor gardens are absolutely beautiful!!!! how do you tend to all those hanging plants though?? Do you flatter among the pots??? :)

  2. user-1020932 12/09/2013

    wow, to have that much light inside. although, your outside garden and containers / all beautiful,,, i think the indoor collection is even more impressive considering all the work it requires. i'm blown away by it all. how do you water it all? i'm sure you have a method/system that makes it easier but it looks like a 24/7 job to me. Michelle is right , healthy, full, vibrant and a beautiful house too. i strive for that much order inside but if there is a flat surface i tend to pile something on it.

  3. user-1020932 12/09/2013

    one more question. are the hanging pots on a pulley to be lowered for water or do you have to climb a ladder? ok, two questions,,,,,,,,what about drippage? i always make a mess watering things inside. ok three, what about dust on the leaves? this is really like living in the garden, great job and i'm sure it amazes every visitor just as much as it has me

  4. gloriaj 12/09/2013

    Your indoor garden is impressive. I don't know how you do it. I'm sure like tntreeman says you have a system. You do have great natural lighting, I am sure What do you do about leaf dropping. I admire you for keeping your garden going even during the winter months. I shut down all gardening during those months, but by the middle of the winter I start having gardening withdrawal. So this year I tried a Christmas Cactus, which is not doing well, Your Christmas Cactus are beautiful

  5. Plantstuff 12/09/2013

    Your indoor garden is amazing. I attempt one in a corner of my living room but upstate NY winters tend to not give us much in the way of sunshine. You must have a lot of natural light to have everything look so beautiful, I did not spot one brown or yellow leaf. Wow. Do you have to climb a ladder to water? I'm with tntreeman I would be making a mess with the water. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  6. user-1020932 12/09/2013

    there is even a glass saguaro on the side table. sheila will be snagging that

  7. Lindy4 12/09/2013

    Just beautiful

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/09/2013

    Wow, Surinder, I surrender (ha, like you've never heard that before) to your amazing superiority in having a fabulous looking indoor garden. Your interior architecture is very conducive to showcasing the beauty of the plants...all the sleek sophistication of the white walls and furnishings and then pop, pop, pop, gloriously lush tropical I said WOW!

  9. bee1nine 12/09/2013

    MY GOODNESS, Surinder, Yes- you do have quite a showcase of wonderfully, healthy looking houseplants! Without a doubt, there is plenty of natural light coming through to help them
    to survive so happily.(and light reflecting off the white walls, as well). ... Do wonder myself, how you check for watering on the suspended plants?
    I have my share of houseplants, but not anywhere near the
    light conditions and space.

    Thank you for kindly allowing us to step inside to see your
    beautiful indoor garden and home :)

  10. tractor1 12/09/2013

    Wow! A virtual rain forest, just needs some orchids, a strangling fig, and a few tarantulas. Those are some great Christmas cacti all in full bloom together. For watering I figure one of those gooseneck pole gizmos attached to a coiling hose from a sink spigot... perhaps Surinder lays down a plastic tarp when watering to catch drips, because I loathe to think those are plastic plants! LOL

  11. greengenes 12/09/2013

    Very nice! The light is divine! I can see why the plants grow so well there. Hats off to you for all the labor of watering and grooming! Thanks for sharing!

  12. willysmom 12/09/2013

    Two more questions: what is the brown blob under the asparagus fern? Roots? Maybe I'm seeing things.

    And: do you do anything to keep the humidity up?

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful plants.

  13. GrannyMay 12/09/2013

    Surinder, you have an amazing and beautiful collection of indoor plants, and they have a perfect setting in your lovely home! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    I see no evidence of pulleys so imagine a garden elf flitting around, always just out of sight, with a little watering can, tiny pruners and fluffy duster. On the other hand, if you love gardening, it is not work, so maybe a real person with stepladder and real tools keeps this indoor garden looking its best.

  14. user-2438129 12/09/2013

    First of all THANKS to all for you very kind comments of appreciation. You are all curious about how I water these plants. I have been watering them for over thirty years. Hanging plants are not on any pulley system as I would require over 50 pulleys. I water these plants once in two weeks using a ladder. To keep all plants looking good, during watering I remove any damaged or dead leave. To minimize water spills on the floor, I use saucers under each plant. Also, during watering I keep towels on the floor under each plant to prevent water from damaging the carpets. To remove any dust on the plants I do take them out during warm weather and wash them. I keep asparagus and other tropical ferns outdoor during the summer season. I do not have a humidifier in the house. May be I should explore a central humidifier for my home. The blob under the asparagus fern is part of the plant rope.


  15. sheila_schultz 12/09/2013

    Surinder, your beautiful home must have the cleanest air outside of the nearby greenhouses! I can't believe the number of lush hanging plants you've shown us, they are beautiful and so healthy. I had the same thought as tntreeman, you must have a pulley system for watering... either that or a great light weight ladder. I've always had a lot of indoor plants, but nothing compared to your collection! Wow, I can't even imagine what a mess I would make on watering day!
    And Jeff... I did spy that glass saguaro ;)
    Thanks for the indoor tour Surinder!

  16. wildthyme 12/09/2013

    My hat is off to you Surindor! You must truly love gardening to take on the challenge of that many indoor plants. I confess to being a fair-weather gardener. I figure God created winter so gardeners could take a rest!

  17. cpaglieri 12/09/2013

    How do yo Water them without doing a mess?

  18. annek 12/09/2013

    What a treat! The lush plants are so well positioned they look as though they were planned as part of the interior design. A great effect done with great fore-thought. Thanks for sharing Surinder

  19. SisGof5 12/09/2013

    How lovely! I'm sure this requires lots of time and energy...but is well worth the effort. Your home must smell wonderful - like a greenhouse!

  20. GrannyCC 12/09/2013

    Wow that is amazing. They all look so healthy. Do you use fertilizer? What a lot of work to water them all. You definitely have a green thumb. The inside is as beautiful as the outside.

  21. palmgirl 12/09/2013 a tropical paradise. great work Surinder.

  22. wittyone 12/09/2013

    My goodness what a lot of work but it certainly pays off since your plants look healthy and happy.

    I'm curious as to whether you fertilize them during the winter? I've read that plants being overwintered shouldn't be fertilized since normally they would be either dead or dormant. On the face of it that advice does seem to be sensible but then it also seems that insisting that plants continue to grow through the winter and not providing any nutrients for them to utilize doesn't quite make sense and is mean as well. You certainly wouldn't want them all to suddenly turn on you and take their revenge----that many could do some real damage!

  23. janetsfolly 12/10/2013

    What a beautiful home! The plants are so healthy, partly due to the lovely abundance of natural light but mostly due to the diligent gardener. Also enjoyed the glimpses of your art collection! Thanks so much for sharing your home.

  24. MizScarlet 12/10/2013


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