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fluffy white flowers next to a hosta under trees

Hello GPOD! My name is Kelly Hansen, and I live in Delmar, New York, right outside of Albany, which is in Zone 5b.

I started “planting” in our yard 25 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about plants and gardening. YouTube hadn’t been invented, and I literally did not even know how to correctly water a plant.

Fast-forward to today. I can confidently say that I have “gardens.” My yard was featured on our community garden club tour, I am near completion of classes toward a gardening certificate through the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), and in 2022 I started a garden design business, New Leaf Garden Design LLC.

The purpose of my story is to serve as both a warning and an inspiration to new gardeners: a warning to save your money on the front end and to take the time to learn about gardening before you start shopping, and an inspiration to stick with it and enjoy having your hands in the dirt and seeing that first green leaf break in the spring.

We often see gardens from a distance. The perfectly planned drifts and brilliant pops of color allow us to absorb the entire garden through a widescreen lens.

I also love to zoom in as close as possible to see the tiniest parts of the bloom, the color of the leaf veining, and the symmetry of the leaf margins. Inevitably, I back away, completely awe-inspired, and think to myself, “How cool is that?”

orange flowers next to a shrub with yellow foliageEvery year, I say I want to move the Euonymus fortunei (Zones 5–9) shrubs out of this bed. That idea evaporates when the butterfly weed (Asclepius tuberosa, Zones 5–9) blooms next to the creamy yellow euonymus, and the color combination is dazzling.

close up of tiny orange flowersDetails of the butterfly weed

curved garden bed with several shrubsThe dark lacy foliage of the ‘Black Lace’ elderberry (Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’, Zones 5–8) in this photo fades into the background.

close up of tiny elderberry flowersThe close-up highlights the delicacy of the elderberry bloom.

fluffy white flowers next to a hosta under treesThese photos were taken at 6:30 pm, and the sunlight creates the shadow on the red oak bark and lets the simple green-and-white color palette of the astilbe (Astilbe × arenseii, Zones 3–8), hosta (Hosta hybrid, Zones 3–9), and red oak (Quercus rubra, Zones 3–8) bark really shine through.


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 04/17/2023

    Oh I agree that combination you have of the Orange Butterfly Weed and the Euonymus fortunei is a gorgeous I never saw before.
    The variegated Hosta and Astilbe near the big tree and stone is also so pretty!

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 04/17/2023

    Really pretty.

  3. Oxdriftgardener 04/17/2023

    Beautiful Kelly. I would say you have come a long way in 25 years. Absolutely love the closeup of the asclepias! Only complaint is that you didn't show us more!

  4. shegardens 04/17/2023

    Beautiful! Like Oxdriftgardener, I’d love to see more.

  5. User avater
    cynthia2020 04/17/2023

    Kelly - thank you for sharing some wider views and closer views of you lovely garden. I especially like the photo of the day.

  6. sheila_schultz 04/17/2023

    Your gardens are quite lovely, Kelly. You had my attention immediately with your happy stand of Asclepius tuberosa. Thoroughly enjoy your adventures with digging in the dirt, they are a lifetime joy!

  7. btucker9675 04/17/2023

    Love the natural beauty of your garden style - everything is quite lovely.

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