Pelletized Lettuce Seeds Mean Easier Sowing – and Designing

Days to Spring: 14

Pelletized seed
Pelletized seed makes it easier to see where you are sowing.

I have always admired gardeners who put in the effort to arrange their vegetable plots in an attractive manner. The artful arrangement of lettuce plants always gets me, but try as I might, my greens never come up in the pattern I have in mind when I sow them. I could by starts, but that isn’t as much fun and I am cheap.

The answer to my problems is pelletized seed. Instead of trying to ensure some sort of precision with tiny lettuce seeds, I can be much more efficient in my planting with these larger, more uniform seeds. It is the same seed, just surrounded with an inert material. These seeds also eliminate the need to sow thickly and then thin out the seedlings.

You can also find pelletized seeds for carrots, chard, celery, and many other tiny-seeded varieties.

Get your pelletized seeds here:


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