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Pamela’s New Garden on Fidalgo Island

A young garden already looking beautiful

Fidalgo Island in Washington State has been our home since 2017. Our property had many mature plants, but half of it needed major help. Lots of weeds and an untended lawn were removed. An old apple tree of over 50 years had suckers as big as large biceps. We pruned and removed, installed sprinklers, and replanted with hundreds of beautiful plants. There are now many tender and hardy tropical plants, which are my favorites.

After they were planted 2½ years ago, the gardens are looking wonderful.

A small arboretum was planted off the kitchen with a Paulownia tomentosa (empress tree, Zones 5–9), Bracken’s Brown Beauty Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’, Zones 6–10), mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin, Zones 6–9), fernleaf full-moon maple (Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’, Zones 5–9), Eucryphia (Zones 7–9), and another maple for interest and privacy.

The house was built in 1906, and the stained-glass windows installed in the garden are from 1906.

I have been gardening for 50 years, but in the last 20 I have gone full throttle, planting hundreds of plants. It is fairly easy to maintain. We had a horrible winter that was long, wet, and cold, but look what spring brought.

Red ginger

Hedychium greenii (Red ginger, Zones 7–11)

Melianthus major

Melianthus major (Zones 8–10)

The walkway up to the house is lined with perennials.

Planter boxes with vegetables

Planter boxes with vegetables.

Mediterranean fan palm

Pathway with palms, cannas, and melianthus next to the hardy Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis, Zones 8–11).

Roses by stained-glass windows. The varieties are ‘Dortmund’, ‘Jeanne Lajoie’, and ‘Princess Anne’.

Costco gift of lilies

Clematis ‘Josephine’

Clematis ‘Josephine’ (Zones 5–9)

View of the side yard

Walkway with blue star creeper (Isotoma fulviatilis, Zones 6–9) blooming between the stones.


The new, small arboretum


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 05/29/2020

    Oh, my, 2 1/2 years??? Totally unbelievable. Amazing to the nth degree!!

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020

      Yes. 2-1/2 years. Lots of mulch and water. Thank you.

  2. User avater
    simplesue 05/29/2020

    Such a darling house and garden! I really enjoyed taking a virtual walk through your garden this morning with my coffee! I learned about a new (to me) plant, your" blue star creeper" which is such a pretty plant the way you have it planted in between stones and around them...and a darling dog too!
    I google your location and see you are so far north, yet your zone allows you to grow tropicals- such a gorgeous area near the ocean!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful and amazing garden accomplishments!

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020

      Thank you.

  3. btucker9675 05/29/2020

    Wow... what a beautiful garden and home and I love your small furry garden assistant! Thank you for sharing your creativity and hard work.

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020

      Thank you. We love the gardens.

  4. mgol1068 05/29/2020

    Really lovely. Love all of the curved beds!

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020

      Thank you. It was fun hunting for the plants and planting them.

  5. cheryl_c 05/29/2020

    You had me with the shot of your front entrance! Your clematis looks other-worldly in its fullness. Is the large shrub in the first picture, under your front window, an hydrangea? Those deep rose colored blooms are over the top! Thanks for sharing, and please sent more photos.

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020

      Yes it is a hydrangea. It came with the home so I don’t know the name. I have many other hydrangeas around the home. Beautiful plant.

  6. Cenepk10 05/29/2020

    Dang !!!! I’m loving that !!!! I want that clematis... And I’m getting it !!! Fun Fun Fun !!!!!!

    1. pamelaroats 05/29/2020


  7. User avater
    bdowen 05/30/2020

    That's an impressive amount of planning, planting, probably some weeding and work to create such a colorful and lush garden in 2 1/2 years. Please, more pictures- it's lovely!

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