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Marni’s lakeside garden in New York, Day 1

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Marni LaRose-Karen

Today’s photos are from Marni LaRose-Karen in New York state. She says, “Our home is on Mahopac Point–a peninsula on Lake Mahopac located just off of Route 6N in Mahopac, New York. Our home sits at the tip of the peninsula and is surrounded by water on three sides. We have a privileged view of every sunrise and sunset over the lake daily.

“My husband bought the property 35 years ago. Back then the property, which had a large number of towering oak and beech trees, hosted a small clapboard house with a rather unplanned naturalscape and minimal foundation planting. We began transforming the gardens as our family and house expanded in 1990.

“The architect who redesigned the house, Jeffrey M. White, designed the landscape to accommodate the expanded building footprint. The initial gardens were installed by Young’s Nurseries in Wilton, Connecticut. The gardens and the landscape design have evolved significantly over the years, as trees were removed and a lakeside pool added. I have taken over the gardens since their initial inception and have had a lot of time to learn and to refine the landscape with the help of a knowledgable friend who accompanied me in the garden for years.

“I consider myself a private person and have never published photos of the landscape before. However, our home is now for sale so my private ownership of this garden may soon come to a close.

“I am an avid garden photographer. Though I am well traveled, The New York Botanical Garden remains one of my favorite gardens in the world. I photograph it several times a year. I find it always has something different to offer up, as does my own garden.”

What a gorgeous spot and garden, Marni! I predict it will sell quickly, if it hasn’t already, and that you’ll miss it terribly. But think of all the opportunities to create a new garden wherever you end up! Thanks for sharing this with us.

***Marni is such an incredible photographer that I can’t seem to narrow down the 40+ photos she sent to just 12. So tomorrow I’ll feature 12 more, all close-ups of her gorgeous flowers. Stay tuned!***

**** Share your garden story…. Email me with photos and words at [email protected]. ****

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  1. wGardens 04/09/2014

    Fabulous property, fabulous plantings, fabulous photos. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise! I look forward to tomorrow's photos. Best wishes to you...

  2. flowerladydi 04/09/2014

    Wow! I am just in awe Marni,,, it is all so gorgeous,,,,,, the setting, your home, your fabulous photography,,, expert pots,,, I just want to be there!!! I can not imagine giving all that up, and as Michelle stated,,, sure it will sell quickly, if not already! A true piece of paradise,,,,, absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  3. lovemyyard 04/09/2014

    Exceptional garden....and now you are giving them to another person to enjoy! Looks like you don't have any deer up in Mahopac!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/09/2014

    Breathtakingly beautiful! I found myself nodding in agreement at your use of the word "privileged" in describing your view...yes, whenever nature makes such a significant contribution to what touches our soul, we are blessed and fortunate. It looks like you have learned much from the professionals who have helped shape your landscaping and will take that knowledge with you.
    Someone new is going to love living in this very special bit of heaven on earth.

  5. bee1nine 04/09/2014

    meander1, I could not have said it any better...most TOTALLY agree!!

  6. gramamarg 04/09/2014

    Paradise. looks like a house from a movie. could be a botanical garden itself.
    wish i could buy it.

  7. foxglove12 04/09/2014

    Gorgeous photos and property! Don't sell!

  8. tractor1 04/09/2014

    The photos appear like those for a luxury home real estate ad so it took me about five minutes to find this special property:

    I suspect it will sell quickly, at that price it's a steal... does it include the furnishings?

    I can't imagine why you'd want to move, Marni, but everyone has their reasons. I'd buy it myself only I couldn't afford to heat it. Good Luck, Marni, and thank you for sharing your exquisite home.

  9. cwheat000 04/09/2014

    Marni, those views are wonderful! I can't wait to see more.

  10. sheila_schultz 04/09/2014

    Absolutely breathtaking... your love of your property, your gardens and your photography is evident. Beautiful.

  11. marnisgarden 04/09/2014

    Thank you for these nice comments. All your observations are quite astute. No deer! And, yes, we are reluctant to leave "paradise", but we hope a new generation will make their own beautiful memories here and further refine the garden to reflect their own vision.

  12. Quiltingmamma 04/09/2014

    Lovely start to the morning,thanks. The first photo had me thinking 'it looks like Lake Como(Italy)". The photos with the Italianate urns and balustrades reinforced that thought. So many lovely views, photos and gardens.

  13. jagardener 04/09/2014

    What a wonderful piece of paradise. You will have wonderful memories where ever you go.

  14. ancientgardener 04/09/2014

    Absolutely beautiful! It's hurts me to think of you leaving such a heavenly spot in which you have invested so much love and creativity, but as someone else said we all have our reasons for moving on. May you create another paradise in another place. Your urns, so beautifully planted have inspired me to move in that direction. I am looking forward to tomorrow and more views of that breathtaking landscape.

  15. greengenes 04/09/2014

    All I can say is wow! Perfect spot. I always wanted to live on a piece of property that would see the sun rise and then see the sun setting at night! It would seem like the days would be longer, ha ha. Well Marni I know you have enjoyed it tremendously because of how it looks. Iam happy for you that you were able to experience living there! Sounds like you are divided with gardening and photography! Two beautiful hobbies that bring in great reward! I love it all! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Have fun this summer whatever you go on doing!

  16. marnisgarden 04/09/2014

    I am overwhelmed by all of your generous, supportive comments. Many thanks! For those of you who have admired the urns, they are cast stone Clarence Urns by Haddonstone USA.

  17. user-908188 04/10/2014

    This is an amazing garden! I love the photos and it truly is paradise.
    Hope you will have another garden, even a tiny one, when you leave.

  18. GrannyCC 04/10/2014

    Gorgeous gardens and setting. I am sure your next place will be just as beautiful

  19. S_E_Ohio_Gardener 04/10/2014

    Marni--It looks like a fantasy dreamscape. You have created one of the most beautiful settings on Earth!

  20. GrannyCC 04/11/2014

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful garden Marni. Loved all the flowers yesterday. You are a many talented woman with your gardening and photography skills.

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