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Daylilies and more in Betsy’s garden in New York

‘Key West’  Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Betsy Thompson

Remember Betsy Thompson’s garden? We’ve visited a couple of times before (refresh your memory HERE and HERE), and she was one of the gardeners I profiled in my talk in Seattle in February. Betsy, I’m a big fan! Today Betsy’s back to share some of her favorite plants.

‘King of Ages’ 

She says, “Some of you may remember my garden, Briaridge, from past submissions, but I have never submitted photos from July. I live in a townhouse near Albany, New York. My house is in the middle of a building of six houses and I have converted my little plot entirely to garden. It is narrow, but deep, so I have been able to create my own little paradise, with many trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, a pergola, a waterfall, and several stone patios.

‘Planet Max’ 

“July is the month for daylilies and, as a member of the American Hemerocallis Society, I have grown several hundred here. I have always had a battle with the deer, but in recent years they have removed so many daylily buds as to discourage me from growing them. Last year, however, there was less damage, so I thought I would share photos of a few of my favorites.”


I really do need to grow more daylilies. Beautiful, Betsy.

‘Yellow Typhoon’ 

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Some daylily companions 
‘Hurricane Bob’ 
The back patio, with ‘The Full Monty’ in the foreground 
‘April in Paris’ at right 
The front window box 

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  1. GardeningRocks 04/15/2014

    Betsy your garden has always been one of my favorites here. It is so full of unexpected surprises and interesting plant combinations. Beautifully composed, it seems like a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. Daylilies are one of my favorites, too!

  2. flowerladydi 04/15/2014

    So very lovely Betsy,,,, it is a myriad of wonderful features everywhere! Of course your day lilies are GORGEOUS and So very interesting, with all the different colors and shapes,, but my favorite has to be your paths and patio! I love the smooth grays on your stone,the cobbles on the side and way it winds through all your lovely plants and accents,,, so well done. Your patio is equally charming, and again, expertly planted to convey your love of plants/trees/shrubs. It is so inviting! This garden begs one to stroll through stopping every few steps to take in all the treasures. Thank you!,, send more!!

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/15/2014

    Thanks for sharing another facet of your great garden. Looking at all of the posts of your garden has provided the pick-me-up I need, having awakened to snow! Ugh.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/15/2014

    Hi, Betsy, it was so much fun going back over your previous submissions and imagining your today's shared colorful daylily blooms dancing above the robust foliage clumps. Your view from your back door in July must look like the circus has come to town and I mean that in the BEST possible way! So many exuberant colors, shapes and sizes...all very excited to be making an appearance. Isn't daylily bloom time wonderful!

  5. wGardens 04/15/2014

    Wonderful varieties of daylilies. That Trahlyta is especially captivating~~ I too, love your gardens and am delighted to see them featured again today! Thank you!

  6. mainer59 04/15/2014

    Like Tim and Meander, I enjoyed this post almost as much for the links to your prior posts as for this group with a welcoming splash of color. I love daylilies, and was given a tiny piece of Planet Max; hope it blooms this summer. I also have discovered plant societies as a group of avid and knowledgable gardeners. They are a great source for new plants, too. The members grow more than whatever that particular society features.

  7. PeonyFan 04/15/2014

    Wow, Betsy, thanks for sharing these July photos. It's really inspiring what you've done within the confines of a townhouse plot; the garden looks enormous and richly planted.

  8. cwheat000 04/15/2014

    I am a huge daylily fan and you have some great ones. Looks like you have an interesting assortment of forms and tetraploids. You have showcased them so pleasingly. I love your erygonium. I have tried that one,but it has rotted over the winter.

  9. cwheat000 04/15/2014

    I meant eryngium,sorry.

  10. GrannyMay 04/15/2014

    Betsy your garden is unforgettable! How you manage to create such fantastic, interesting garden rooms in the space you have, restricted by townhouse rules and having access only though the house, is truly inspirational! And having to deal with deer predation on top of all the other challenges seems so unfair! Oh how I relate to that problem! I went around spraying Plantskyyd on everything yesterday, having just lost tulips, rose tips and other emerging young growth to their appetites (they always find some way to get in). That helps, but it leaves everything covered with disgusting looking red-brown blotches and smells terrible. The cure is almost worse than the problem! Betsy I hope you won't give up growing daylilies. Yours are fantastic! Please keep sharing your garden with us!

  11. sumhillgardener 04/15/2014

    Betsy, Those daylilies are gorgeous and so different. I have given up because of the deer, but may reconsider now. I spray Liquid Fence successfully for my hostas, so why not for daylilies? They may just take the place of phlox for Summer color in my garden, the mildew being impossible to beat. Thank you for showing us such a gorgeous small garden !

  12. tractor1 04/15/2014

    Betsy's garden for me is one of the more memorable I've seen here, such attention to detail yet totally relaxed and relaxing. Those daylilies are captivating, I love them all so I won't choose a favorite, even their names are evocative and so apropos. I wish I could grow daylilies, but alas, the deer won't allow me. Btw, in China daylily buds are popular culinary ingredient. Thank you, Betsy.

  13. GrannyCC 04/15/2014

    Hi Betsy,

    I was at Michelle's talk in Seattle and really enjoyed seeing your garden on the big screen!! It is delightful. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of your daylilies. What a charming garden to wander through.

  14. arthurb3 04/15/2014


  15. user-3282241 04/15/2014

    Beautiful daylilies! I have always been a fan but living in deer heaven I have stopped using them. You have inspired me to try again and I guess spray!!

  16. janeeliz 04/15/2014

    What a lovely garden, Betsy! I, too, am a lover of day lilies-esp. the spiders which I see you have many of. My favorite, of your photos, is Trahlyta. I've never seen one quite like that one...just beautiful! I'd love to stroll along your meandering path and admire each plant you've so carefully placed.

  17. tractor1 04/15/2014

    There are many recipes that use daylilies, enjoy.

    Daylily flowers can also be substituted in recipes for squash flowers.

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