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Marni’s lakeside garden in New York, Day 2

Photo/Illustration: All photos courtesy of Marni LaRose-Karen

Welcome to day 2 in Marni’s garden. Today we’re enjoying some of Marni’s close-up photos of plants in her garden. Marni, you sure know how to work a camera!

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  1. flowerladydi 04/10/2014

    Good morning Marni!
    The photos of your flowers/butterflies are as stunning as the setting of your home/garden in yesterdays photos! They should be in a magazine, they are so great!! The iris are just perfect!, love the color and lily's exquisite!,,, I felt like I could just touch the leaves of the Japanese Maple after a rain,,, you have the ability to capture nature at it's finest! Again,,, so sad to see you have to sell,,, I can not imagine leaving such a beautiful place,,, my best to you and your family.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/10/2014

    Today's images are a delightful contrast to yesterday's equally enthralling photos....the expansive big picture vs the delicate details in the small. It's a treat to see things through the focus of your talented photographer's eye. Best of luck in your next situation and I hope you are surrounded by other variations of beauty.

  3. wGardens 04/10/2014

    Just lovely! And what is the variety if the Siberian Iris?

    Thank you, again, for sharing your beautiful home, gardens and talents.

  4. hortiphila 04/10/2014

    Marni, Spectacular garden, sensational photos, stunningly beautiful!

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/10/2014

    Pure art! beautiful.

  6. tractor1 04/10/2014

    Great specimens and very vibrant... love that lavender snowball in the rain.

  7. greengenes 04/10/2014

    Good morning! How fun, michelle, to be able to look and pick the pics for us! Goodjob! Thanks!

    Marni your pictures are so wonderful! Of course my favorite one is the first one we see. It all makes me want to get out my pentax and start playing around with it. I wish for you in the next phase of your life, good health and happiness and lots of great things for you to do! Thanks for sharing with all of us! You have inspired a lot of us for sure!

  8. CJgardens 04/10/2014

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of your property and gardens. The water views are gorgeous and it's such a serene setting. The roses on the balustrade, the irises, the lilies, the butterflies, etc.; all just beautiful. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  9. cwheat000 04/10/2014

    These are all such pretty shots; it is hard to pick my favorite. I love the hydrangea in the rain, the butterflies on the buddleia and the light colored lily with the red/pink picoteed edge. I work at your local Brewster Home Depot. Come in on on Sunday if you would like to talk plants (Carla is my real name). We could create some nice combos, for those beautiful containers, to help stage your house for sale.

  10. GrannyMay 04/10/2014

    Beautiful home and garden! Even more beautiful photos! Marni, your dual interests of gardening and photography will serve you well no matter where you next live. Thank you for sharing both.

  11. marnisgarden 04/10/2014

    Thank you again for all these lovely and gracious comments. In response to the the Siberian Iris inquiry, I am sorry to report I do not know the specific variety. White Flower Farm offers a collection called "Wings Over Water" that contains many of the varietals I see in my garden. The Siberian and Japanese Iris were installed in 1990. I have been splitting and moving them all around the property for years. I especially love them by the water's edge. Yellow Flag Iris also grow in the water anchored in the rocks beside our balustrade rose garden. What I love about all the Iris is that their foliage is an asset even when the flowers aren't in bloom. The Siberian Iris are such a welcome arrival to the perennial border in early June and the Japanese Iris follow right on their heels. Planting both delivers a good 6-8 weeks of Iris blooms -- each bloom is fleeting but each is refreshingly joyful.

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