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Katie’s garden in Ohio

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s photos are from Katie Kagler in Hudson, Ohio. She says, “My husband and I moved to this house 12 years ago and it was an absolute blank slate. Nothing was here and I really had never gardened before, but I came from a gardening family.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler

“We built the patio ourselves. My husband has a master’s in architecture, so he builds the beds and I dutifully follow along and plant them! We’ve had so much fun watching the garden grow and change. We were on the Hudson Home and Garden Tour in 2007. We have a great veggie garden thriving, too.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler

I absolutely LOVE your garden, Katie. It’s so cottage-y, cozy, and charming! And I’m dying to see more pics of that adorable veggie garden this season. Keep us posted, and thanks!!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Katie Kagler

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  1. NancyLS 03/25/2013

    That is a wow garden. I live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio , so I know the clay soil and the hungry deer we have to deal with. Very impressive, I also started my garden about in that timeframe. Congrats, let the snow melt and let's get digging! Nancy

  2. wGardens 03/25/2013

    Ooh. Fabulous and I am especially loving that veggie garden. You both obviously make a great team. The clematis are beautiful- well... it ALL is! Thanks for sharing.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/25/2013

    Even though the thick, wet snow covering Ohio this morning is beautiful, this densely planted garden is so much better!

  4. CatChaletdesanges 03/25/2013


    You and your husband have done such a terrific job! I just love your vegetable garden surrounded with a white picket fence.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/25/2013

    What a wonderful series of colorful exclamation points your wall of different varieties of clematis creates. If I were you, I would just stand back and admire the heck out of it! Then I'd turn in another direction and beam at the picture perfect picket fence that surrounds my well organized vegetable garden. Hmmm, then I'd take a leisurely stroll among my beautiful plants to get to my handsome workbench and attempt to do something productive before I wandered off to see what was going on in my lovely water feature.
    Yes, without a doubt, Katie, the hard work you and your husband have put forth over the past 12 years have given you much to enjoy and be proud of. Kudos!

  6. grannieannie1 03/25/2013

    There's just something about a picket fence!
    And I adore gardens chockfull of plants, vegetables and flowers and little paths, and seating areas,'ve got it all. Great job creating a cottage garden!

  7. trashywoman62 03/25/2013

    Beautiful Garden, Katie! As I write this it continues to snow here in Central Illinois. See the measurement on my profile picture? Oh how I dream of a garden like yours! I love the cottage gardens but have never lived in a house where it would work.

  8. trashywoman62 03/25/2013

    Oh you can't read it unless you click on my name so I will tell you it says 14.5 inches!

  9. tractor1 03/25/2013

    I'm going to follow meander1 with my eyes while I repose on that chaise! LOL That garden does have a fine DIY aura, I like it all.

  10. bee1nine 03/25/2013

    Absorbing in All the pleasure, your pleasing garden areas
    provide. charming and lovely!! Amazing how this was
    once a 'blank slate'!
    My thanks to you and hubby for sharing your wonderful work!

  11. tarsier 03/25/2013

    The wall of clematis is stunning.

    Do you have any problems with excess damp on the wall behind the plants, or with small animals using the vines as a jungle gym? I love the effect and am considering training clematis and some climbing roses on my house, just wanted to know if there were any downsides before I do it (such as mold on the wall or squirrels on the roof.)

    Thanks for the pretty photos.

  12. Zinnia1 03/25/2013

    Thank you for all the nice comments! The clematis wall is a grid pattern made with string and eye hooks. I saw Martha Stewart do it about ten years ago. Lets just say we sacrifice beauty for practicality!! Yes, it maintains the water, yes, critters love to frolic in it all, and we need to restring and paint almost every year. But, its a garage wall, so we dont mind. It's just the most ideal location for the clematis though and they thrive like crazy... Feet cool, tops in the sun! Ill send more pictures if the vegetable garden later in the summer. Really thriving and I'm into tear four of an asparagus patch.

  13. janetsfolly 03/25/2013

    Mmmmm, Summertime! This is just the perfect counterpoint to the view outside my window this morning. 4-5 inches of snow, robins hopping around in confusion...pretty but I sure hope this is the end. And at least it's not 14.5"!!! Yikes! Anyway, Katie, you and your husband have done something wonderful. I love the cool, green oasis for sitting and potting, the charming veggie garden and the clematis! They are obviously very happy in your care. Great job! Looking forward to more photos, please!

  14. Jarna 03/25/2013

    Katie I love it all. I am guessing the use of CDs hanging in the veggie garden is a way to alert the birds of the deer fence so they don't get tangled up in it. Good idea, I'm sure they appreciate it. I am wondering what the shrub or tree Is in flower on the right of the picture of the hosta area in the corner of the house? It's very lovely.

  15. Marewoodlandfairy 03/25/2013

    Beautiful garden! My house if fairly new and I am also working with a blank slate. Cannot wait for the weather to break so that I can get started on my garden! Thanks.

  16. GardenersWK 03/25/2013

    I love everything about your gardens! My favorite picture is the clematis wall with delphiniums in front! Too bad that I didn't get to see it in 2007! I had a toddler at the time! I also love the white picket fence and the plants in front of it! It add such a great background for the plants to shine!

  17. Zinnia1 03/25/2013

    The shrub in the hosta garden on the right is a lilac - that was original to the house and is quite large. We landscaped around it. The cd's are actually the only way I have been able to keep the deer out of the vegetable garden - they do not like the shine that they put off. Before I put the cd's up, a deer actually jumped right through the net, trashed the net, the garden, and in the process ate everything in sight and then left! Yes, birds would get caught in it as well, but moreso they would get in the garden and then not be smart enough to fly high enough to get out! The cd's have taken care of a majority of the problems. I also dug down below the foundation of the fence into the dirt with chicken wire to keep the rabbits out. Gardening is always a challenge!

  18. CJgardens 03/25/2013

    Katie, you and your husband have done wonderful things in the last twelve years. Love all the clematis, the water feature, the veggie garden, the second patio with the hammock on the side... It all just looks so relaxing. Looking forward to more photos this summer.

  19. ancientgardener 03/25/2013

    Love the stone walk leading up to the picket fence. I note that you have used lots of greenery in some spots. Sometimes that's more refreshing than a jungle of flowers...however, your flowers are all beautiful and the layout is exquisite. Kudos to you and your husband. What a joy it is to see one's plan come into bloom, like creating a lovely painting.

  20. janeeliz 03/25/2013

    What a lovely warm, inviting garden you have created, Katie...and husband, too. Your clematis are luscious! I am chomping at the bit for winter to leave Maine for this year.

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