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Sue’s garden in Ohio

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

Today’s photos are from Sue Moyer in Ohio. She says, “This is my yard in Milford, Ohio. We’ve lived here for 37 years and we have used a ton of pine bark mulch with conditioner and compost to amend the soil. Our soil is mostly clay and the after all these years, we finally have great soil.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

“I have flower beds throughout the yard. I think my husband has been encouraging me so he won’t have to mow as much. The little pond in the back was my first attempt at putting in a pond and the birds, squirrels, and neighborhood dogs love to get a drink in the summer.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

“I love to mix different shades of greens, especially in the shade garden. The hostas, liriope, lambs ears, Japanese forest grass, and sweet flag make a great presentation.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

“I like adding some interest to my flower beds and adding pots, birdhouses, and a little gnome garden are a few. We are in the process of putting in a larger pond with a waterfall and would love to share pictures when we are finished.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

Beautiful, Sue! That little pond is especially sweet, and your stone edging is gorgeous! You MUST send photos of the bigger pond when it’s finished. Thanks!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

***OK, everyone, keep going. Dig out your cameras, take a big long walk around your garden, and SEND ME PHOTOS! I love having more than I could possibly process to choose from!***

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Sue Moyer

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  1. bsavage 05/21/2013

    Your yard and gardens are so beautiful! I love all the beds and the pond, and yes, the gnomes!

  2. GardenersWK 05/21/2013

    I love you garden Sue! The hostas, hydrangea, ferns and especially the grasses! I need to get more grasses in my garden!
    Your birdhouses are so pretty and elegant! Who made them?

  3. wGardens 05/21/2013

    Lovely. Would love to check it out in person. So many nice combinations and little surprises... Especially like the white birdhouse and pole in your shade garden.

  4. user-2008333 05/21/2013

    This is a stunning garden !!!! I especially love the gnome garden and the stone edging . I plan on doing a dwarf theme garden and have been gathering small items to do so. Can't wait to see your new pond ,etc. will be watching for them !Thanks for sharing!!

  5. GardenGrl1 05/21/2013

    That pond does not look like someone's first attempt! I love it! So many things to look at in your garden! Thanks for sharing!

  6. bee1nine 05/21/2013

    Hi Sue, Delightful gardens!! I also like gnomes! So enjoyed
    admiring yours. Love how you nestled in the cute toad house
    in with one, and especially love the gnome birdhouse
    surrounded by sweet pea.
    Will be nice to see your new pond, too!!

  7. pattyspencer 05/21/2013

    Totally love your garden - I usually have just 1 favorite picture but today I have so many I can't just choose 1 - just beautiful!

    Michelle - seems the glitch I've been having has been fixed (at least as of today - lol - thank you)

  8. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/21/2013

    Sue, your garden looks very well loved and well tended...I'm a sucker for whimsy so count me a big fan of all your special touches. Your beautifully put together flower basket set on the aged chair is beguiling and is whispering "Copy know you want to!" Your gnome garden is adorable and looks in perfect balance. Love it all!

  9. Daisy64 05/21/2013

    To DSBaloi, some of the birdhouses were bought and some were made by my husband. The face in the Sweetpeas was purchased at a craft mart.

  10. grannieannie1 05/21/2013

    Sue, it is easy to see you enjoy experimenting with your garden adding different areas, working with the shade then adding the touch of whimsy, or the zing of yellow with pink. You found the perfect thing to do with an old chair.

    Oh, and "Yes" to the sweet pond! And "yes" to a bigger one! (We've upsized three times--one can never have too much pond!)

    Thank you for sharing your garden.

  11. Wife_Mother_Gardener 05/21/2013

    Wonderful garden, Sue! Nice plantings and I love that cute little pond :)

  12. tractor1 05/21/2013

    A wonderful balance of lawn, trees, and plantings... and I really enjoy the wide angle views for perspective. Sue, your property looks very peaceful, thank you.

  13. arthurb3 05/21/2013

    So beautiful! I love the little toad houses!

  14. rwotzak 05/21/2013

    I love this garden! It just feels so inviting. You can tell that just as much thought as labor and time went into building it.

  15. ncgardener 05/21/2013

    Oh wow, this is gorgeous. I love your shade garden. It gives me hope for some of my shady areas.

  16. user-1020932 05/21/2013

    all beautiful! i especially like that birdhouse with a face. i like anything with a face and the concrete sculpture man saves the heads that break off his statuary not sure what to do with them yet. great job with all you've done

  17. cwheat000 05/21/2013

    Sue, your home and garden looks very warm and inviting. The picture of the basket on the chair, epitomizes that cozy feel, and is so pretty. I love the grasses, that wonderful little pond, and the generously filled beds.

  18. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 05/22/2013

    I'm late to the party but wanted to say that your garden is inviting and I love the chair with the plants sitting on it!

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