How to Plant Eggplants

In this first episode, Danielle shares all the tricks and tips you need to get eggplant off to a good start.

Danielle Sherry, Sarah Breckenridge, Gary Junken, Robyn Doyon-Aitken

Welcome to Homegrown/Homemade, a video series from our sister sites and We’ll be following a gardener (Danielle Sherry) and a cook (Sarah Breckenridge) as they plant, maintain, harvest, store, and prepare food crops. Eggplants are versatile vegetables, so tune in to learn how to succeed with your crop and then make magic in the kitchen.

Episode 1: How to Plant Eggplants

Don’t let these purple or white beauties fool you: when you know how to do it, growing eggplant is simple. In this first episode, Danielle shares all the tricks and tips you need to get them off to a good start.

Episode 2: How to Care for Eggplants

Eggplants growing slowly? Refusing to blossom? Don’t sweat it. Just watch this video to learn how to fix whatever is wrong. (Hint: hand-pollination might be in order.)

Episode 3: How to Harvest Eggplants

You may do the twist when you harvest your vegetables, but that’s not how it’s done when it comes time to harvest eggplant. Learn how to properly pick your crop in episode 3.

Episode 4: How to Roast Eggplants

What do you do when the eggplants start ripening in droves? You roast them, of course, so they keep longer in the refrigerator. Sarah shows you how it’s done in this episode, and how to make scrumptious baba ghanoush.

Recipe: Eggplant Stacks

Ditch the fattening eggplant parmesan and make bread-free, non-fried eggplant stacks. Get the full recipe at


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