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Gardening on the Oregon Coast

It is a great climate—just watch out for the bears!

Today we’re in Peggy Rupert’s garden in Brookings, Oregon. We visited her garden before (Giant Snapdragons) shortly after she moved from Reno, Nevada. It is fun to be back in this garden and see how much has changed.

Since we were featured on the GPOD before, my husband and I have had a garden shed built, landscaped the former dog run, replaced worn-out lawn with pea gravel, and figured out we can’t put bird suet on our fence facing the forest because bears literally tore “through” the heavy chain link, even breaking the tough carpet zip ties my husband had used to attach the bird food! We have planted so many new-to-us shrubs, trees, and plants, discovering that some we were able to grow in the shade in Reno happily thrive in the coastal sun. We installed two new fountains that entertain the many birds and create such a calming sound to our surroundings.

Red crocosmiaRed crocosmia (Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, Zones 6–9) blooming over a huge clump of Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’, Zones 5–9).

A big blue hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla, Zones 6–11) contrasts with hot-colored annuals in the foreground, including a particularly brilliant canna.

Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybrids, Zones 8–11 or as tender bulbs) add a dramatic vertical element to this container planting.

A rich tapestry of trees and shrubs provides lots of color and beauty for minimal work.

Peggy is certainly taking advantage of the mild climate to grow lots of plants to their lush perfection.

One of the recently installed fountains adds the sound of water to the garden and attracts birds.

In this look down the garden bed, a huge clump of red crocosmia steals the show.

A path invites you to wander down into the garden and see what beauty lies ahead.

A quiet moment of green in the garden is all about contrasting textures and simple beauty.

There used to be a suet bird feeder here. Now there is a hole, thanks to a hungry bear who had a nice little suet snack.


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  1. rosys_villa 09/18/2020

    Wow! Just wow! I want to live in your garden!

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 09/18/2020

    Just so pretty!

  3. User avater
    cynthia2020 09/18/2020

    Hi, Peggy. What stood out most for me in your lush beds and borders was the Crocosmia and the tall, slim, and strong yellow flowering plant in with the potted glads. Thanks for sharing!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 09/18/2020

    I looked at both of your FG photo fo the day pages!
    You garden is even better now, as if you fine tuned everything to perfection!
    I am just amazed at your story of the bear and the suet- had no idea they were so strong!
    I love all the little water features you added!
    Love that photo of the butterfly bush with the blue purple flowers next to it on the left (maybe a hydrangea?)...and your perennial bed in the photo under that!!!!

  5. btucker9675 09/18/2020

    Yet another case of sheer garden envy here. What a wonderful space you've created! Sigh...

    1. haroldhulbert 09/19/2020

      Wow, These gardens is awesome, I love all the plants but especially Gladiolus. I have recently purchased many plants from Reecoupons but I can't Gladiolus there. From where Can I buy this?

  6. cheryl_c 09/18/2020

    Such happy colors, and such a rich array of textures and shapes. Delightful!

  7. mischael 09/21/2020

    What a beautiful garden. I'm curious about the variegated bush to the right on the 6th picture. Is it a boxwood?

  8. user-5117752 09/21/2020

    I can almost smell the ocean air! You have created such lush and beautiful gardens. Your color combinations just light up the world. And I love your fountains. You must have a delightful gathering of birds that we don't get to see or hear in the east. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share the beauty with us!

  9. selenarichard 10/04/2020

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  10. LucyMorn 01/14/2021

    Gosh! That's definitely a lovely garden. How I wish mine could be like that too. I've read on a website: some tips on how to grow plants like this. You can visit it too!

  11. juliaann9682 04/29/2021

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  12. Josephsmith 07/07/2021

    It is my favorite location on the Oregon Coast. I have been amazed at how much more sunshine there is during the fall, winter, and spring than most outsiders believe. If you want to get deals and amazon promo codes here you can find it

  13. Sheone 10/21/2022

    gardening is a such beautiful profession you experience the live and death of nature, plants, flowers, and the environment which you create with the help of these plants that's amazing.

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