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Fall in Linda’s garden on Bainbridge Island

Today's photos are from Linda Skyler out on Bainbridge Island–4th day in a row we're spending in Washington! See Linda's previous posts HERE. Today she says, "Fall is a beautiful season here on Bainbridge Islamd in Washington state. Our nights have begun to cool and colors are showing everywhere. These are a few pics of early fall in our small 1/3 acre gardens. Soon it will be time to put the gardens to bed and already I am beginning to think about the next season. I get so many wonderful ideas from GPODs and am constantly thrilled with all of the artistic abilities out in the gardening world. Thank you all." Linda, your garden never ceases to amaze me. So many plants, and it all comes together so beautifully! Fall is gorgeous in your garden. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. user-1020932 12/08/2014

    beautiful , lush and full as always and just the way i like it. when i saw this i thought,,,,,,this looks familiar but didn't connect until i revisited prior posts,,,,,,,,Linda=Meelianthus! i'm slow to catch on and even slower to remember. i do like all your plant selections and with all the posts from PNW,,, i'm almost ready to relocate

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you Jeff. Your talents would be welcome on Bainbridge Island which is a designers paradise and a mecca for beautiful gardens and yes a bountiful selection of plantings to beautify the PNW.

  2. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/09/2014

    I believe we have visited your gardens on a tour,they are lush and beautiful we love doing the NPA garden tours on Bainbridge Island. We have even toyed with moving to Bainbridge my relatives are from Port Townsend and we wouldn't mind being anywhere between the two cities. I am glad I get to see your gardens in the Fall very inspirational indeed.

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you NurserynotNord, You would love BI for it's wonderful gardening climate, a little cooler than Seattle, and you probably know of all the wonderful nurserys on this side. I do enjoy Pt. Townsend too.

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 12/09/2014

        Yes Linda some of the most amazing gardens are on BI we try to visit as many as we can and some multiple times so we can see all of the changes and watch the plants as they mature.

        1. Meelianthus 12/10/2014

          NNN, if you are in the area this summer you should try to attend the Garden Conservancy's Open Days Tour, Sunday, June 28th. Not sure yet if I will be on it but there are 5 fantastic gardens to see. You can check it out on their website soon for a posting.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/09/2014

    Ok, Linda, confession time...I have a total crush on your gorgeous hydrangea tree..yes, I know that might strike some as unnatural but, what can I say...ha, I have my husband's permission to lust after plants!. Everything looks wonderful. I really love your container grouping ...I'm thinking that's a variegated yucca? and a huechera (on steroids) next to it?

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Plant lusting is so enjoyable, I think we all love it! Yes, that is a Yucca and there is no explaining that huechera - it just grows and grows and neither of those plants were at all affected by our recent 20 degree cold spell so that is always a big plus. Thank you Meander for lusting.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 12/09/2014

        I was wondering...when you shared with Cherry (PC) that you cut your hydrangea tree way back each spring, do you mean that you shorten the stems off the main trunk or do you blunt cut the trunk? I think I would love to try having a hydrangea tree...those voluptuous blooms would be so welcome to gaze up at in the middle of summer.

        1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

          Yes, I shorten all of the branches off the main trunk. Last end of season I cut all of the branches down to less then a foot and it still exploded by summer.

  4. perenniallycrazy 12/09/2014

    Soooo LUSH and LOVELY Linda! Looks more like late summer than fall to me. Envious of Nurserynotnordstrom who has seen, felt and touched your garden. One day... one day... I assume that gorgeous tree hydrangea is oakleaf variety, what specific kind?

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you PC. The hydrangea tree is h. paniculata grandiflora. It is about 20 years old and I cut it way back every Spring as I have so little room and it still grows to HUGE but I love it and the fragrance is wonderful.

  5. NCYarden 12/09/2014

    My goodness, what a spectacular Fall transition and display. If I could have had even half of this show in my garden this Fall... Once again, can't help but envy the PNWers. I love the variety of plants - they mix so well, and so much more interesting than any monoculture. It is so colorful and beautiful, Linda, and well, very tidy indeed. The way it looks, it seems your beds would never go to sleep. Alas, we all need little breaks though, even if to dream of what we want to do when we get back in there. Lovely, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      I did really love your gardens NCY so thank you for your compliments. And yes, it is now time to rest -_-

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/09/2014

    Such an inspiration. Gorgeous as always. I'm glad I read Michaele's comment because i had missed the pot with the heuchera, geranium and acorus (maybe?): an inspired and subtle combination!

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Glad you enjoyed Tim. Yes, that is acorus 'Ogon' with the heuchera. Thank you.

  7. VikkiVA 12/09/2014

    Your garden is so beautiful in the fall. Is that tree form hydrangea a PeeGee? In addition to your magnificent variety of plants I love all your hardscaping and that adorable garden shed. Vikki in VA

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you Vikki, the hydrangea is h. paniculata Grandiflora and is beautiful most every season and long lasting (except for the rain!) The "garden shed" is actually a very small guest room (sleeping loft above) and mostly for when our sons would come to visit.

  8. wGardens 12/09/2014

    I'm lovin' it! One of those wonderful gardens where you can just spend hours just looking, admiring, enjoying.... ah. You have created a wonderful piece of heaven there. Great use of pots and sculptural accents!

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you Margaret. I sometimes feel I give a whole new meaning to excessive!

  9. GrannyMay 12/09/2014

    Oh Linda, you must have every plant that can be grown in the PNW and probably lots that cannot! I'm always amazed at how beautifully you mix and combine them all with pops of bright containers and art pieces into beds as rich with colour and texture as woven tapestries. Fantastic! I'd love to wander around and see it all in detail, photos just give a little taste of the banquet!

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Such wonderful comments coming from such a grand gardener as yourself. I really do OVER do it with the plants but just can't seem to help myself ! If you ever come down this way you are certainly welcome for a wandering ^_^

  10. maxinemitchell 12/09/2014

    Lovely garden, Linda! I'm envious of all your space! But, it also looks like a lot of work! :-) Have you had your garden featured in Bainbridge in Bloom (garden tour)? If not, you should! Congrats on your combinations, as well...looks like a lot of thought went into them!

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Glad you enjoyed it Maxine. It has been a lot of work over the years but it happens one plant at a time, trial and error, digging, rearranging and then MORE rearranging. Yes, I have been on the Bloom Tour before - never again ! 3000 people!! way too many for this small garden.

  11. sheila_schultz 12/09/2014

    Linda, your gardens never fail to make my jaw drop as I scroll through the photos. You've definitely got this gardening thing down, my friend!
    PS Add me to the list of GPOD'rs that are lusting after your hydrangea tree. It's gorgeous!!!

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Thank you Sheila, yes, I have been here gardening - forever. My husband has said over the years that it is a good thing our property is small or he would never find me!

  12. greengenes 12/09/2014

    Good morning! What a treat we have today amongst the heavy rains! Linda it is once again all so beautiful! The hydrangea is a show stopper! Absolutely gorgeous! Your lined paths are a work of art in how they meander and brings one to other areas all the while you are in amazement at all the different plantings! Truly green glorious! Are you going to open up to garden tours this next year? Well so glad you sent these pictures in! Thanks

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Hello Jeanne, yes torrential rains! Oh well, glad we are high ground right now. I have been working on the 2015 garden tour but don't know yet if I will be on it as I think I have now secured 5 gardens, but we'll see. ^_^

  13. GrannyCC 12/09/2014

    What a lovely way to start the morning on this wet and windy day on Vancouver Island. I imagine you are experiencing the same weather on Bainbrige island. I admire how you have bright pops of colour in the different pots and your lovely yellow bench. Each picture has something to catch the eye. I too covet that hydrangea tree. Your border edgings are so neat and tidy. That is a lot of work to lay the bricks.

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      It took my husband all summer to install all of those bricks and I do love them. I no longer need to trim which had become impossible for me, I do a lot of plantings in pots as my ground is totally root bound from the giant fir trees and I like moving them around too' Thank you.

  14. thevioletfern 12/09/2014

    Incredible! You certainly have a great eye. I'm going to look through again ...

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      Yes, I too love to look over and over all the gardens that have been posted. You see so much each time you look. Thanks for looking ^_^

  15. schatzi 12/09/2014

    Oh my! All the edges so neat and crisp, all the plants so vibrantly healthy, all the beautiful blue accents (blue is my favorite) - but the dark red pot is a keeper too. Beautiful - thanks for sharing.

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      You are so welcome and I do love blue in the garden also.

  16. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

    Thank you Diane, this place is my passion and I am fortunate to be able to be out in it nearly every day

  17. janeeliz 12/09/2014

    Linda, what an inviting garden you've made! I'd love to leisurely explore each little niche you have so lovingly created along your winding paths.Your use of color, texture, and the great variety of plants you've chosen is very lovely. You've developed your small hilly plot in a very charming manner.

    1. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

      So glad you enjoyed Jane.

  18. Meelianthus 12/09/2014

    Thank you Joseph.

  19. user-7007140 12/09/2014

    Hello Linda, It has taken a while to treat myself to the GPOD today, but Oh! So worth the wait. Such a treat to wander through your amazing garden. The photographs are amazingly clear, the flower beds beautifully clean,tidy and so gloriously planted that I am swiftly turning bright green.
    All of you GPODers who have shared seem to live in fantastic gardens with brilliant photos to show them off. Tell me, do you all carefully prepare it all so that the pictures are stunning?
    If so, I fear my pictures will never make the grade. (Sigh).
    I'm joining the Hydrangea tree fan club!
    Thank you so much for all of these dream makers.

    1. Meelianthus 12/10/2014

      Glad you enjoyed Eddi and never fear, I think GPODers love all garden pictures. I know I look beyond the neatness to admire the hard work each gardener has accomplished to make the dream come true.

      1. user-7007140 12/11/2014

        Thank you for the encouragement. I tried sending pics last night but don't know if they went through ok. I have wifi "dead zones" around here!

  20. BoxwoodBarbara 12/10/2014

    All charming, but especially impressive is the railing beside the stone stairs, an amenity for those of us who no longer trip the light fantastic but merely trip, when navigating rustic steps. Very considerate of you, and a thoughtful addition that should be emulated by all other gardens, private and public.

    1. Meelianthus 12/10/2014

      My husband will be thrilled that you liked his railing. He worked hard on it as the curve was difficult to fashion. And yes, the very reason was that he was afraid I might fall on the steep bank. I do love it and it is most helpful.

  21. Spring_y 12/10/2014

    Your garden is just incredible! I hope you'll keep sharing your vision with us. Have a very happy holiday season. Merry Christmas :)

    1. Meelianthus 12/10/2014

      Merry Christmas to you too Carmela. I will share more next summer ^_^

  22. jeannetrimble 12/10/2014

    I am in love with your gardens! The red and blue pots and urns add a splash of color also. what a wonderful way to start my day,seeing this beautiful garden! Thank you!

    1. Meelianthus 12/10/2014

      Thank you Jeanne, so glad you enjoyed.

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