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Dennis & Jeanne’s garden in North Dakota

This corner has our grandfather’s old cultivator as a centerpiece surrounded by native grasses and a nesting area for one of my favorite birds, the killdeer. The trees are amur maple, thunder babies, Scotch pine, Black Hills spruce, and Colorado spruce. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

Today’s photos are from Avis Vesely, but while Avis gardens in Maryland, and we featured her garden HERE, she has something else to show us today.

Side yard with native stone and grasses and an autumn blaze maple. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

Avis says, “This is my brother and sister-in-law’s yard outside of Bismarck, North Dakota. In 2006, Dennis and Jeanne (Connelly) started with a bare 2-acre lot, built a new home, planted baby trees from the Soil Conservation Program, and have worked very hard to water, weed, and care for them until they now have a beautiful low-maintenance yard that backs up to a coulee bed.

Front rock garden with pheasant sculpture. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

“Because of this wildlife and the food and shelter the wildlife needs is abundant. Some wildlife that lives in their backyard are coyote, fox, pheasant, grouse, deer, wild turkey, and rabbit. I think these fall pictures are so beautiful with the trees and grasses in full color.”

***Before***New trees in 2006 with pheasant roaming nearby. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

I really love that bank of trees, Dennis and Jeanne! Your landscape seems to fit so nicely into its surroundings, and the grasses are the perfect fit. It’s peaceful and pleasing, and I love how you’ve incorporated your grandfather’s cultivator.

Killdeer eggs hidden in the rock bed near the old cultivator. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

Thanks for sharing, Avis! And thanks for getting us one step closer to featuring gardens in all fifty United States!! 41 down, 9 to go: Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi. I know there are gardens in these states….. 🙂

Front porch for Halloween. Photo: Courtesy of Avis Vesely

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that that last photo didn’t come from Dennis and Jeanne’s garden in ND. Nope, it’s a book YOU COULD WIN, if you send in photos of your garden this weekend. I’m headed out of town, traveling up the coast back to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. While I’m gone, gather all those garden photos you took this summer, or go out and capture fall in your garden, and send them to me in an email, along with your garden’s story. I’ll choose randomly from everyone who sends in pics by Monday morning to win a copy of 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die, and announce the winner early next week. This book is BIG. And it’s fun to flip through it and dream about all of the places you could go…. Now get out your camera and go outside! Thanks…. –Michelle

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  1. Steepdrive 10/05/2012

    I had to look really hard to see those killdeer eggs. Your brother and his wife have set up some lovely vistas in their yard.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/05/2012

    Well, well, I never thought GPOD was going to be the place I found an answer to a question from several years back..."what the heck is the name of that silly bird that likes to lay its eggs in the gravel near our barn?" So, it's a killdeer...thanks!
    That band of trees is beautiful and it has to be so satisfying Dennis and Jean to see them growing into maturity. I'm sure all the local wildlife is very appreciative of their efforts. I love when old farm implements are given a showcase spot in a garden...very nice.

  3. cwheat000 10/05/2012

    These pictures sure do get you in a fall mood. The colors just scream autumn. Also, what a warm and welcoming front porch. Trick -or-treat - got M&M's ? I also learned two new things this morning- what a killdeer looks like and what a coulee is. Thanks for sharing.

  4. tractor1 10/05/2012

    Planting new trees makes for a very rewarding experience while watching them evolve over the years albiet slowly. Trees are captivating through all seasons but I especially enjoy them at this time of year as their fall foliage peaks and in spring when the conifers burst forth with the magnificent hues of their new growth. Now I too have learned about the killdeer, I've not noticed it here in the Catskills but I'll have to keep an eye out.

  5. wittyone 10/05/2012

    What a lovely and serene vista you have provided.

    I'm amazed at how those trees have grown in only 6 years. We have a huge ( over 65 years old) tree in the back yard that will have to be taken out soon. Sigh! We're trying to envision what and where to put a replacement. Good to know that a fair size tree can materialize in only 6 years.

  6. greengrowler 10/05/2012

    The lovely tapestry of fall foliage reminds me of childhood in Virginia - all those reds! Colorado has the aspens, of course, but missing is the sheer variety of color. This property is clearly lovingly maintained, yet keeps that naturalist feel.

    Went back to view all the pics & posts the last week - sorry I missed them the first time around! cwheat000 & vogt you've both done an amazing job with your landscapes - gorgeous plant selection and color combinations!

    Our first hard killing freeze is predicted for tonight...sigh....I've already take an armload of coleus cuttings to get me through the winter....

  7. kcmom 10/05/2012

    I'm delighted to see farm equipment honored and recognized for its beauty!

    It is also a pleasure to see thought given to the habitat of ground nesting birds. We think of bees, butterflys and birds which use our trees and shrubs, but ground nesting birds are not often mentioned.

    This feels so much in harmony with the plains and the surroundings. Just wonderful.

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