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Having fun in the garden

old row boated turned into a garden bed

Hello! This is Deb Jedynak, a Master Gardener living in Zone 6b, Holland, Michigan. Although autumn has crept in to allow summer to fade away, I’m still planting in the garden. The soil stays warm for a while longer, and it’s the best time to plant bulbs, perennials, shrubs, and trees. I can already visualize my constantly evolving garden next spring. The foliage and flowers were abundant in 2023, and journaling my successes makes it easier to plan for next season. The winter months are weeks away, and it’s the best time to consider planting opportunities and researching which perennials and shrubs thrive best in my zone. Since I live just steps from Lake Michigan, I’m figuring out ways to create a microclimate where I can push the growing zone for abelia, beautyberry, and azalea, three shrubs I’ve just added this year. My whimsical garden featured vegetables in raised beds, a hopscotch topiary garden, a 12-foot rowboat filled with perennials, seating areas, a firepit, a plant ladder, arbors, various containers, and decor that I’ve thrifted. There’s always something to look at as you stroll the paths that wind around the flower beds. The transitions are intentional, and I don’t get too attached to my plants as I move them around or eliminate the nonperformers altogether. The idea is to have fun in the garden, and these photos show you my most memorable moments!

close up of yellow peonyA gorgeous peony (looks like Paeonia ‘Bartzella’, Zones 3–8)

wide view of garden with lots of garden beds in different shapes and sizesPart of Deb’s creative garden

old row boated turned into a garden bedA 12-foot rowboat filled with plants makes quite a statement in the garden.

purple flowers planted in a concrete bird planterPurple petunias (Petunia hybrid, annual) in a cute little planter

small table with vase full of white peonies and containers planted with herbsA vase overflowing with peonies makes for a magical little scene.

close up of white roseCould this rose be any more perfect?

decorative garden chair holding a container with pink flowersA garden chair becomes a plant stand for a pot full of annual flowers.

close up of cloak butterflyA beautiful mourning cloak butterfly takes a rest. The caterpillars of the mourning cloak feed on willows, poplars, elms, and other tree leaves.

garden path with small bridge with potted ferns aroundA little garden bridge over a pool of gravel

container plant ladder in the middle of several garden bedsA “plant ladder” makes a creative way to display containers of plants so that each one is visible and not blocked by those in front.

Deb sent in so many great photos that we’re going to revisit her garden tomorrow!


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 10/19/2023

    I've never seen a mourning cloak butterfly before- great photo!
    And yes that is a perfect white rose!
    Your plants all look happy and healthy and there's something to look at in your garden all throughout it!

  2. btucker9675 10/19/2023

    Love! Especially that gorgeous peony... You must have so much fun in your garden!

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