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Carolyn’s garden in Ohio

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider

Today’s photos are from Carolyn Kreider in Continental, Ohio. Carolyn says, “My garden is on less than half an acre in Zone 5 in northwest Ohio, and I’ve been working on it for about 22 years. It’s been in a state of flux this year because there were two severe storms that came through, removing two large evergreens and flattening about half of the back fencing. I’m still waiting for the contractor to come in to rebuild the fence and make other minor repairs.

Photo: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider

“The last 10 years I’ve been making changes in the garden to make it easier for me to care for as I get older. I put in the back pathway to make it easier to work in the garden when the weather is rainy, pulling weeds, etc. I removed about half of the grass in the back garden, laid down landscape fabric and hauled in pea gravel, eliminating a lot of mowing and trimming. In two different sections of the garden, I combined several small garden beds and made them into two large beds with paths running through them to make access easier. I have other changes that I would like to make in the garden, but the days are too short!

Photo: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider

“My garden is both a challenge and a never ending source of happiness.”

Wow, Carolyn, what a great garden! The stone edged pea gravel paths are especially nice. Thanks so much for sharing.

Photo: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider
Photo: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider
Photo: Courtesy of Carolyn Kreider

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  1. Jay_Sifford 10/11/2012

    Very nice, Carolyn. I'm amazed at how flat your space is, quite different from mine. I'm thinking about how much easier your garden is to navigate. I didn't even own a wheelbarrow until recently. I agree with Michelle regarding your gravel pathways. I love the sound of crunching gravel underfoot. I think it adds just another layer of interest to the garden experience.
    Great job!

  2. bellslady 10/11/2012

    The textures, colors and the organization of the garden give me a sense of tranquility. You have allowed individual plants to shine and compliment each other. The pathways and edging do not stand out as "look at me" but connect the garden in a beautiful way. Wonderful!

  3. wittyone 10/11/2012

    Your paths are wonderful====I love them especially the first one. I would have thought that the combination of gravel, stepping stones and the little bricked in area would seem cluttered and distracting but, with the rounded rock-edged beds curving out, it just looks charming.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/11/2012

    Goodness, Carolyn, your half acre looks so spacious and has a wonderful mix of plant material and hardscape. Looks like you've included a lot of lovely evergreens so things probably remain very attractive even during those snow covered Ohio winters. Love that pop of red in the final picture!

  5. petuniababi 10/11/2012

    Carolyn,your makes me drool!These photos are gorgeous,it must really be something to behold in person.You said it brings you happiness,i can imagine so/It's making my day just looking at these photos.Thank you for sharing.

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/11/2012

    Really, really lovely. I love the use of some of my favorite heuchera for nice foliage focal points. I, too, meander through the garden thinking about how to make maintenance easier and easier. Great solutions.

  7. pattyspencer 10/11/2012

    I agree with wittyone - your combinations are great! Love it all. It looks so warm and inviting. I can see where wandering through it all would give you great joy. What is that bright red plant in the last photo?

  8. tractor1 10/11/2012

    Carolyn, I really like how your garden has matured over the years, your plants look well established yet not overgrown. I especially like your assortment of conifers, all types and sizes and lookinbg so naturalized. It appears that you are located on the edge of farmland so your half acre extends forever. I like that last photo, looks like spring, with all the conifers just budding out and what looks like a mature azaelea in full bloom with a spectacular hue, and everything framed with soft organic mulch and lush green lawn. Oh, have your contractor plumb your weathervane, I notice it's a bit askew, detracts from your lovely architectural shingles, perhaps add a small cupola, with a copper roof, with age its patina will blend perfectly with the earth tone of your shingles. Gravel, what gravel,I never noticed any gravel. LOL

  9. CaroK 10/11/2012

    Patty, the red blooming plant in the last photo is an azalea. It's been in so long that I've lost the ID tag so I can't supply any further information. Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments!

  10. sheila_schultz 10/11/2012

    I love the way the eye is drawn from hydrangea to hydrangea all the way to the end of the path in the first photo, it's wonderful. But it's your paths that are nothing short of fabulous. I would have never thought about combining the pea gravel with flag and larger stones... they are a work of art.

  11. jagardener 10/11/2012

    Really beautiful!I will have to look at your pictures more than once today. Love everything

  12. pattyspencer 10/11/2012

    CarolK - thanks for the info (you too Tractor1 for mentioning it) At first I thought it was a burning bush until I realized what season it was.

  13. humbleearthgarden 10/11/2012

    Spectacular!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. cwheat000 10/11/2012

    Lovely! You can tell you have been gardening there for a long time. The garden has a certain maturity and grace that is hard to match in a younger garden. I hope you garden there forever, don't give up on the challenge. I too love your beautiful assortment of conifers.

  15. greengrowler 10/11/2012

    Simply spectacular! The flow is perfect with just the right mix of hardscape, thoughtful plantings, evergreens, and grass. Knowing how disappointing it is to have nature wreak havoc on our hard work, often the loss opens up new directions and designs we may not have considered otherwise. Congrats, Carolyn, on a gorgeous landscape.

    And, KUDOS tractor1, for showing great restraint in the gravel dept LOL!

  16. Wife_Mother_Gardener 10/11/2012

    Wonderful, Carolyn! I too like the stone and pea gravel together. You also have nice rhythm to your plantings in the first photo, with the hydrangeas and peach flowers/foliage that want to draw into your garden. Thanks for sharing!

  17. tractor1 10/11/2012

    GreenGrowler: I couldn't resist, but I meant no harm. My only reasons for not liking expanses of gravel is because it goes down a zillion times easier than it can be removed and it tends to migrate. I would prefer flagstone or pavers with spaces where small plants and moss can grow, otherwise organic mulch that can be perodically replenished or easily removed to change the landscape.
    That's a picture of the 2 1/2 acre field at the side of my property, that dark swarth is a seasonal spring fed stream that I often can't mow until it dries some... it passes along side my vegetable garden so even in a drought I don't need to water.

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