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Janet’s garden in Ohio

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty

Today’s photos are from Janet Getty. She says, “When my family moved to our seven-acre property in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1984 I was pretty overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a garden.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty

“My first attempts were pretty feeble, but in September 1990 my mother-in-law started a subscription for me to Fine Gardening (issue #15).  Thus began my obsession with planting garden after garden, stopping only within the limits of how far my hoses can reach. I keep all issues of your wonderful magazine and go through each one during the months of January and February. No matter how many times I have read each one, I still find something new every time I look.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty

We’re blushing over here, Janet! Thanks for the praise, but we can’t take much credit for how beautiful your garden is. Your hard work and vision are what gets it done. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Janet Getty

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/31/2013

    The park-like setting, mature shrubs, and large drifts of plants are a pleasure to view.

  2. lovemyyard 01/31/2013

    Love this garden! It would be a great place for a wedding!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/31/2013

    Well, Janet, it certainly looks like you are an A+ student (hmm, let's make that an A+++) from the school of Fine Gardening. Each issue really is a treasure trove of helpful information.
    The picture that shows the sweeping swath of pink peonies and blue siberian iris is gorgeous...and I'll bet the fragrance from the peonies fills the air in the most delightful way.

  4. pattyspencer 01/31/2013

    Really pretty - you have a beautiful beautiful garden

  5. janetsfolly 01/31/2013

    Oh, this is so lovely! Peonies and iris are a favorite pairing of mine, too, partly because they come at that 'sweet spot' between spring and full summer. You've done an artful job, Janet! (I only wish these pretty pictures were accompanied with plant IDs.)

  6. Nancy9350 01/31/2013

    Beautiful! What I can take away from this garden is Janet's use of large drifts of her plants. This use makes for the calm and quiet yet stunning feel of her garden. The ivy would be a no-no here in the Northwest, as it climbs and strangles trees - it grows too well out here!

  7. sumhillgardener 01/31/2013

    You are a gardener after my own heart. I have every copy of Fine Gardening Magazine since 1991. I grab a bunch for every road trip and always learn from each issue. They have been my classroom ! Yours reminds me of my garden style (see Nov. 20 and earlier). Even the heron under cover of hostas and hardy geraniums looks familiar. Great fun to see what gardeners around the country are creating, thanks to GPOD. And your landscape is especially lovely !

  8. tractor1 01/31/2013

    As good if not better than any professional landscaper can do.

  9. Wife_Mother_Gardener 01/31/2013

    Beautiful! Definitely a park setting. Great job!

  10. CJgardens 01/31/2013

    Janet, you have done a marvelous job designing your gardens; they are beautiful, peaceful, serene... I could spend days walking through them studying your plant combinations. I especially like the pink peonies with the blue iris & baptisia. Every time I look through the photos again, I see another piece of garden art or a sculpture they all fit in so well. Thanks for sharing your gardens.

  11. NevadaSue 01/31/2013

    Janet, You have done a wonderful job of creating the beauty you absorbed from those Fine gardening Magazines. I love the way you have used trees and shrubs with groupings of flowers interspersed. It is beautiful! Your pictures are helping me confirm some ideas I have had for the garden I am creating here in NV. Thanks so much for sharing with us and I hope you send more this coming summer.

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