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bright orange flowers

Barry Severn grows many wonderful plants in his garden outside Toronto. We’ve visited his garden before (Last Year in Barry’s Garden), and it is always a pleasure to see what he’s cultivating.

bright blue flowersThe little annual Phacelia campanularia is native to California but thrives in gardens in many climates.

large purple flowerI love the way Barry has zoomed in to the details of the stamens of this Clematis ‘Jackmanii’ (Zones 4–8). Many flowers reward a closer look to enjoy their details.

bright orange poppy flowersAfter its brilliant early summer bloom, Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale, Zones 3–7) goes completely dormant, disappearing belowground until the next spring.

shrub with small white flowersPyracantha have the common name of firethorn for their brilliant red berries produced later in the year, but the spring bloom is quite beautiful too. This is a Pyracantha coccinea (Zones 6–9) in spring bloom.

rose bush with light pink flowersRosa ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ is a beautiful old rose, introduced in the 1800s, that, as the name suggests, reblooms after the initial spring flush. That is normal for more modern roses but was quite a new trait when this rose was bred.

Here are more beautiful roses. Clockwise from upper left: ‘John Cabot’, ‘Henry Hudson’, ‘Burgoyne’, rugosa white, and ‘Fur Dagmar Hartopp’ in the middle.

four different colored flowers for rock gardensThe rock garden includes these plants, clockwise from upper left: Alyssum spinosum (Zones 4–7), Silene uniflora (Zones 3–8), a dianthus of some sort (perhaps Dianthus deltoides, Zones 3–8), and Anthyllis vulneraria (Zones 4–9).

plant with clusters of small purple flowersAllium cristophii (Zones 4–8)

bright orange flowersWallflower (Erysimum sp., Zones 5–8) is a beautiful plant that usually has wonderfully fragrant blooms.

small pink flowers with deeper veinsThe delicate pink flowers of Dianthus capitatus (Zones 4–7) are produced on the tops of tall stems.


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 06/13/2022

    I've never heard of a Phacelia campanularia, until now, they have a really nice flower and color.
    Your garden/plant photography is nice and I like the way you inset the detailed photos.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 06/13/2022

    The closeups are great but really like the dianthus.

  3. nwphilagardener 06/13/2022

    Did you all know that Dianthus plants are the reason we call light red "PINK"? If you've heard of pinking shears that cut a zig zag edge, the word derives from that pattern, and some variety of Dianthus, because of the pattern of the edge of the flowers were called "Pinks" whose predominant color was light red..... hence the color PINK.

  4. btucker9675 06/13/2022

    Love these photos and love the explanation about pinks!!!

  5. [email protected] 06/13/2022

    Now I can make a label for that allium- Forgot the name, and original tag was lost. Thanks for the beautiful photos from your garden!

  6. Maggieat11 06/13/2022

    Thank you for sharing. Lovely photos!

  7. beatricevill 06/19/2022

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