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Barbara’s garden gates in New York

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Today's photos are from Barbara Vivolo. She says, "I have lived in Kings Park, New York, for 18 years and I have so many before and afters you would be amazed at the gardening my husband and I have done to this property. Ahhhh the love of gardening–it is my love, my therapy. My flowers are my pride and joy besides my three girls, a dog, and now 6 chickens. The pictures show three very special pieces–gates that are 100 years old from my husband's grandfather's resturant that was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, that was sold. I wanted those gates that my husband used to open and close when he was a year old. Now my children and hopefully grandchildren will walk through them. The teak seat was in a former garden of my dear aunt's home in Jamestown, Rhode Island. She new I loved it and she gave it to me. I finished the wood and preserved it so it will be a peaceful sitting area for all to enjoy. My newest addition is my garden room that is under construction but will be done soon. I like to meditate and have a vision and watch it come together. You don't need a therapist when you have a garden." More photos, please, Barbara! We've not seen enough…

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    meander_michaele 05/27/2014

    Well, I definitely agree with Michelle...we have not seen enough, Barbara. The little tease of the three photos that you shared today shows your garden to be one of enchantment and delightful imagination. Those garden gates are pure magic and the teak seat is stunning. You have done such an impressive job of maintaining that warm tone that new and/or protected teak has as its color. I do hope you will share more photos whenever the mood hits you!

    1. barbarajeanvivolo 09/05/2015

      Hi all ! I had no idea that they posted my garden photos. Will figure how to post more. Thank you for your kind comments

  2. annek 05/28/2014

    Beautiful and serene. I'd love to wander through your gardens!

  3. CTpat 05/28/2014

    I agree with meander1, Barbara, that we need more photos. The gates and seat, and their setting, are lovely, and I suspect the rest of the garden is, too! Before and afters are always fun.

    Michelle--Will the GPOD start being delivered again soon? I've been having to find it through the web site ever since the switch. Probably other people do (or in this case, don't), too, which would account for the scarcity of comments. Also the need to sign up in yet another techie venue. I'm afraid I agree with Jeff. I don't like the clutter (what on earth do clay soils and iris problems have to do with today's post? And why all things NY under related articles? Will the site give you a person's previous posts so we can see more of the same garden?), and I liked the former array of photos that you could just click on to compare. And while I'm feeling like tractor1 on a cranky day, it was easier to get to a specific blog when they were listed straight down. My cursor keeps going off the edge of the two lines and I have to start over. OK, enough ranting. The pics are still lovely.

  4. perenniallycrazy 05/28/2014

    Serene and therapeutic indeed!

  5. WIpam 05/28/2014

    I am compelled to comment due to the format change. The former format for GPOD was much better. Need to be able to enlarge the pictures. I am also waiting to begin receiving my GPOD in my inbox again. Thank you to all who have shared their gardens here.

  6. pattyspencer 05/29/2014

    First - the photos Barbara are very nice - it looks like a very peaceful area.

  7. pattyspencer 05/29/2014

    Second - I had to go throught so many steps just to find the blog again - terrible terrible terrible - I'm with Pam - the previous blog set up was much easier and 6 comments? Yeah I'm thinking you've lost a lot of people with this new set up. And I haven't received an email on the new garden photos since May 8th

  8. user-971472 05/29/2014

    I FINALLY found this again...I didn't know what had happened, but all of a sudden I was no longer getting GPOD...miss that so much with my morning tea!! Is this not be delivered to my inbox any more? I will have to go back and look all of the photos I have missed over these past 3 or more weeks. Barbara's garden looks lovely--would LOVE to see more!!

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