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Arianne’s Garden in Minneapolis, Part 2

Returning to a lovely space

grouping of container plants with colorful foliage and bright flowers

Arianne gardens in a small city lot in chilly Minneapolis (Zone 4B) and fills her space with an abundance of beautiful flowers. Even more impressively, she grows many of her plants herself from seed.

Astilbe flowers in the foreground of the gardenNotes of dark red and burgundy combined with gold foliage are repeated many times in this image, making this garden feel unified and well designed. The flowers in the foreground are a beautiful Astilbe (Zones 4–9).

close up of apple tree with flowers growing in the backgroundIt isn’t just beautiful flowers in Arianne’s garden! This small apple tree is loaded with developing fruit. While many apple trees grow very large, there are also dwarf varieties that can fit easily into a small urban garden.

grouping of container plants with colorful foliage and bright flowersEach of these masses of plants is multiple containers planted and grouped together, which is a great way to create a whole garden in pots. The bright red door adds a lot to the scene, as does the delicate foliage of a tiger eyes sumac (Rhus typhina ‘Bailtiger’, Zones 4–8) to the left.

same grouping of container plantings at nightThe same view, but in the evening. It’s amazing how different plants look in the different light. It’s like a whole new garden!

large container planting and small hanging baskets with pink plantsI love this container—how the warm pink tones of the vinca (Catharanthus roseus, Zones 10–11 or as an annual) echo the pink tones in the variegation of the canna (Canna hybrid, Zones 8–11 or as a tender bulb).

close up of pink and orange moss rosesMoss roses (Portulaca grandiflora, Zones 10–11 or as an annual) are usually grown as an annual. They combine beautiful flowers with succulent, drought-tolerant foliage.

close up of purple balloon flower with many other flowers growing behindBalloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus, Zones 4–9) is an easy-to-grow perennial with wonderful purple-blue flowers that last over a long period in summer.

closer look at the various plants growing behind the purple balloon flowerAmong the beautiful plants behind the great masses of balloon flower, I particularly love the variegated geranium (Pelargonium hybrid, Zones 10–11 or as an annual).

wide view of the containers and other plants growing around the houseHuge, red hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus hybrid, Zones 5–9) shows off in the summer garden.

close up of plants growing along a small garden pathA little path lined with beautiful plants leads to the wonderful garden beyond!


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  1. nwphilagardener 09/26/2023

    The plant at the base of the canna looks more like New Guinea Impatiens than Vinca as suggested by the GPOD editor. Does anyone know the name of the canna cultivar with the gorgeous striped leaves? I think I just saw that locally, and backlit it was quite striking.

    1. User avater
      cynthia2020 09/26/2023

      ...did you mean Canna ‘Durban’? There are some photos here

  2. [email protected] 09/26/2023

    Wow...that is a gorgeous colorful garden. Very nicely coordinated! Luv it.

  3. User avater
    cynthia2020 09/26/2023

    Arianne - thank you for sharing scenes from your lovely garden. The branches loaded with apples was a delightful surprise in the foreground of one of the photos.

  4. btucker9675 09/26/2023

    Such a charming garden!

  5. rosys_villa 09/26/2023

    I'd love to travel to "Chilly" Minneapolis all the way from not so chilly Saint Paul to see your garden. Yes, it gets cold in the Winter but the rest of the year has weather and beauty to envy. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty that you've created.

  6. User avater
    simplesue 09/28/2023

    So many plants of beauty and interest and then- wow- an apple tree!

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