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The nurseries are fully stocked and open for business, so get out there and design some containers. Follow the links below to find articles, videos, and tips to improve your container-gardening skills. Happy gardening!

For more timely container gardening information and inspiration, check out Fine Gardening‘s Container Gardening, Vol. 8.
Growing veggies in containers Growing Vegetables in Containers
Get the basics of growing food crops in pots.   Read more…
Planting Spring Bulbs in Containers Planting Spring Bulbs in Containers
You can brighten your early spring garden with container-planted bulbs. Do the work in fall and enjoy the color months later.   Read more…
Four Container Planting Ideas for Autumn Container Planting Ideas for Autumn
Think about using the colors of fall foliage as a palette for autumn containers.   Read more…
The Best Winter Containers From Outdoor Planters to Window Boxes Wonderful Winter Containers
Find advice on selecting plants that will survive in your climate, and see four sample winter containers.   Read more…
Potting Soil Recipes Potting Soil Recipes
Whether you are growing woody plants and perennials, annuals, alpine plants, tropicals, or succulents, we can help you put together the perfect mix.   Get the recipes and watch the videos…
A Great Pot Inspires its Planting Video: A Great Pot Inspires its Planting
One way to design a container planting is by first selecting a pretty pot.   Watch the video…
Great Plants Deserve the Perfect Pot Video: Great Plants Deserve the Perfect Pot
Alternatively, you can selecting the plants first, and then find a pot to match.   Watch the video…
Root Pruning Container Plants Video: Root Pruning Container Plants
Lee Reich shows you how to give a rootbound plant a new lease on life.   Watch the video…
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