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A Secret Garden in Italy

A romantic Italian cottage garden

Today we’re heading all the way to Felizzano in northwest Italy to visit Eddi Volpato’s garden.

Good morning! I am a passionate gardener and for about 20 years I have dedicated myself to my green space. I live in the northwest of Italy on the plain with sometimes cold winters and hot, dry summers. (Editor’s note: I believe Felizzano would fall into Zone 7 or 8 on the USDA Hardiness map.) Despite the unfavorable climate, I managed to create a cottage garden.

The garden is a small space of about 300 square meters (3,000 square feet). It includes a central area for the vegetable garden, with a series of spaces dedicated to flower borders. There are two lawns, one in front of the house and a smaller one in a hidden area.

Italian vegtable gardenThe garden from above, with the vegetable garden in the center and the side borders.

The border in autumn, with Anemone × hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ (Zones 5–9) and Aster novae-angliae and Aster novi-belgii (New England and New York asters, Zones 4–8).

The meadow, with dwarf English boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ aka Buxus pumila, Zones 6–9) and Lonicera nitida (box honeysuckle, Zones 6–9) pruned into balls.

boxwoodsAn area to relax, with sheered boxwoods.

calla lilyZantedeschia aethiopica (calla lily, Zones 8–10), Hemerocallis fulva (orange daylily, Zones 4–9), and Rosa ‘Iceberg’ (Zones 6–9) around the potatoes in the vegetable garden.

Persian poppyPapaver bracteatum (Persian poppy, Zones 5–9) and Aquilegia Barlow (Barlow series columbine, Zones 5–9).

Vegetable gardenVegetable garden with tomatoes and potatoes.

Common garden peonyA collection of varieties of Paeonia lactiflora (common garden peony, Zones 3–8): ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, ‘Bunker Hill’, ‘Karl Rosenfield’, and ‘Immaculèe’.

water lilyBathtub with water lily.

The vegetable garden and the rose ‘Old Blush’ (Zones 6–9).

garden wellThe well and euphorbia Jack Frost (Zones 8–9)

Fall anemones and asters.


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 05/11/2020

    I love seeing what gardeners from other countries grow. Your garden is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    1. eddi 05/12/2020

      I'm very happy you like it.

  2. User avater
    simplesue 05/11/2020

    I didn't get a notice in my email for GPOD so I came looking for it and found this fabulous garden post!
    Wow I love that it's an ornamental garden and a vegetable garden- both done with elegance!
    So nice to see both combined- my dream- but I don't have enough space for both in my small city garden.
    This garden is a gorgeous work of art!

    1. User avater
      treasuresmom 05/11/2020

      Sue, I didn't get one either.

    2. eddi 05/12/2020

      Thanks a lot!!!!

  3. cheryl_c 05/11/2020

    I also did not receive my normal daily e-mail with the link for GPOD, and hope that others will be able to find their way to this lovely post. What an endearing garden! I love that your veggie garden is in the center, surrounded by floral borders, and I love your hidden lawn area at the back of your lot. I'm curious about the tub with the water lily - is that a metal tub wrapped with reeds? Lovely! Thanks for sharing, and please send more photos when you have a chance.

    1. eddi 05/12/2020

      It is a plastic tub wrapped in willow.
      Thanks a lot.

  4. Patchworkgardener 05/11/2020

    I didn’t get an email either, but knew how to get to the GPOD. What a beautiful garden. Your calla lilies are gorgeous and I love the well. Everything is so neat and orderly looking. Great job. Thanks for sharing

    1. eddi 05/12/2020

      Thanks a lot.

  5. PattyLouise 05/12/2020

    Most beautiful garden! Lovely peonies! I can almost smell them! Would love to have a cup of coffee & sit in that garden area surrounded by boxwoods!

    1. eddi 06/02/2020

      It is beautiful to contemplate the garden, especially in the late afternoon with the colors not too strong that gives the sun. You can visit my garden, if you happen to be in my part you are all welcome. A cup of tea on the lawn among the peonies. .........

  6. user-7403762 05/18/2020

    Eddi I visit the pictures of your garden every time I feel a little sad from the lockdown. It brings me peace. You must have a beautiful soul to create such a lovely garden. Stay well. nancy

    1. eddi 06/02/2020

      Thanks a lot.
      It is beautiful to contemplate the garden, especially in the late afternoon with the colors not too strong that gives the sun. You can visit my garden, if you happen to be in my part you are all welcome. A cup of tea on the lawn among the peonies. .........

  7. grannieannie1 05/20/2020

    You've done a wonderful job combining the practical, productive food garden with the romantic side of gardening. Thank you for posting the aerial view which significantly helped me understand the layout of your garden and also for including the idea of using Jack Frost Euphorbia. With global warming that would seem to be a good plant to include in my new garden. Have a healthy and happy summer in your garden!

    1. eddi 06/02/2020

      Thanks a lot


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