Video Series: How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Start a Vegetable Garden

Spring, Summer, or Fall – now is the time to learn how to start a vegetable garden. Follow along with Fine Gardening editor, Steve Aitken, and Senior Editor, Danielle Sherry, as they walk you through the steps of starting a vegetable garden.

Videos (below) in this series:

1. Selecting a Site

2. Testing Your Soil

3. Removing Sod and Vegetation

4. Building Raised Beds

5. Starting Seeds Indoors

6. Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds

7. Planting Out

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  • start a vegetable garden

    Selecting a Site

    The sunnier the spot the better for a vegetable garden because sun is the most important ingredient for growing hearty vegetables.
  • Kitchen Gardening

    Testing Your Soil

    Learn how to test your soil and find out what you are working with and what amendments you may need to apply before you get going.
  • removing sod
    Kitchen Gardening

    Removing Sod and Vegetation

    Clear the way! Learn best practices for preparing your site for vegetables.
  • Kitchen Gardening

    Building Raised Beds

    Raised beds are great, especially if you live in a location with less than optimal soil or obstructions like rocks. Step by step instructions for making your own raised beds.
  • How-To

    Starting Seeds Indoors

    Start your seeds indoors while it's still chilly out. Learn how to begin your seeds so you'll be ready to plan after last frost.
  • direct sowing
    Kitchen Gardening

    Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds

    Some seeds do better direct sown into the ground. Learn what varieties do well with this method and how to direct sow for success.
  • Kitchen Gardening

    Planting Your Vegetable Garden

    Get those seedlings in the ground! After last frost has gone, it's time to move your plants to their new home.