Everything You Need to Know About Euphorbia

Fine Gardening – Issue 191
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Photos (left to right): ‘Glacier Blue’ Mediterranean, Nancy J. Ondra; Sticks-on-fire,; ‘Tiny Tim’ Martin’s spurge, Joshua McCullough

I’ve grown a fair share of hardy and tender plants from the genus Euphorbia, but truth be told, I’ve only scratched the surface. Comprising one of the largest plant families in the plant kingdom, Euphorbiaceae, commonly referred to as the spurge family, contains approximately 300 genera and about 7,500 species.

The best part of spurges is their infinite variety in plant form and function. Some are hardy workhorse perennials with more traditional forms, while others look more like Dr. Seuss plants. With a genus so diverse, there are species that will do well in nearly any part of North America.

Whether you’re new to Euphorbia or looking for more varieties to add to your garden, we have the information you need to be successful with this genus.



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