Happy Monday everyone! We ended last week revisiting one of our favorite gardens, and we're starting this week the same way. Today it's May Kald's beautiful garden on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The last time we visited with May was last month (refresh your memory HERE, where you'll find links to previous visits, too). This time she says, "The rains have come! Looking around my garden at this time of year you can tell that our summer drought is over and fall is coming. The grass is green again, leaf and flower colours are more muted, starting to turn, with hardy fuchsias brightening up the fading hydrangea blossoms. Very soon the wonderful bright leaves of fall will take over the show. Rainy and misty days alternate with brilliant sunshine, which brings the late heathers into bloom and ripens the berries on pyracanthas and cotoneasters. Pampas grass sends its feathery plumes high into the sky, briefly, then is always beaten down by the first heavy downpours. Lacey, my Shetland sheepdog, can stop looking for cool shady spots to hide in and enjoy running around chasing her ball." My gosh, May, the FUCHSIAS!! Careful, throwing that "hardy" word around, you'll get all us colder climate gardeners in a tizzy, thinking we can grow fuchsias like that! If only....sigh. Everything looks beautiful, May, and Lacey is adorable! Keep sending in these wonderful updates.

You're running out of time to take some photos in your garden! So get out there with your cameras and send some in! Email them to GPOD@taunton.com.

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