Shopping-List Plants for Your Region 2024

Fine Gardening – Issue 217
Photos (left to right): ‘Shelby’ delphinium,; pointleaf manzanita, courtesy of Penny Nyunt, ‘Airbrush Effect’ hibiscus, courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.

If you’ve run into a garden rut, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to start planning for your first trip to the local nursery or garden center. What plants will you need for a new garden area? Are you noticing a lack of excitement or color outside (we call this the mid-spring slump)? Just itching for an exciting new addition to a well-established bed? Now is the time to make a list of the perennials, shrubs, and/or trees that will fill those needs.

To help you make the best choices, we’ve asked regional garden experts to tell us what plants are on their spring shopping lists. These plants serve a range of purposes in the garden, but all are region-specific stars. From out-of-this-world flowers to show-stopping foliage and everything in between, discover fantastic plants that would be a welcome addition to any garden in the region.

Find great shopping-list plants for your region below, and check out this comprehensive collection of articles to discover more springtime planting and planning inspiration.