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10 Outstanding Succulents 10 Outstanding SucculentsSkip the finicky selections and go for these unique yet reliable beauties.

A Garden Set in Stone A Garden Set in StoneWalls, paths, steps, and focal points made of rock unify this landscape.

Hanging Basket How-To Hanging Basket How-ToThe key is planting the sides as well as the top.

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Campanulas You Can't Live Without - The Full List

Campanulas You Can't Live Without - The Full ListHere are Richard Hawke's top picks and why he likes them in "Campanulas you can't live without" in the May/June  2014 issue of Fine Gardening (#157).

Plant ID's: Lessons learned from a 25-year-old gardenTwo seasoned gardeners impart words of wisdom to help you avoid their mistakes and share in their successes. Here are Plant ID's that accompany the story in Fine Gardening May/June Issue #157.

2013 Container Design Challenge Results: Monochromatic ColorLast spring, we challenged our readers to design a container that featured a single color. Here is the winner, and many of the finalists!

How to Build a Single Stem TrellisIndeterminate tomatoes will grow forever if frost, extreme drought, or some other thing doesn't kill them. Pruning can keep that endless growth in check, but you first need to choose a means of support for your plants.

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