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Re: Jeri's garden in Alaska

Nice to see a zone 3 garden. Well done! What is the tree with the leaves in the upper foreground in the first picture?
I especially like the photo with the dwarf columbine.

A clever solution to your shade area path.

Re: Daylilies and more in Betsy's garden in New York

Wonderful varieties of daylilies. That Trahlyta is especially captivating~~ I too, love your gardens and am delighted to see them featured again today! Thank you!

Re: Spring in Verna's garden in British Columbia

Wow! What a greeting this morning ... your yard must be an explosion of color. It is wonderful- especially love that double white Hellebore! I need that one!

Re: Surprise! Marni's lakeside garden in New York, Day 3

Where can I send my down payment?!?!?!? Ah, if I only could! What an exquisite property! I love it all!

Thank you for the iris info from yesterday/ What is the small tree, center left, in the first photo?

Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors and home~~~

Re: Marni's lakeside garden in New York, Day 2

Just lovely! And what is the variety if the Siberian Iris?

Thank you, again, for sharing your beautiful home, gardens and talents.

Re: Marni's lakeside garden in New York, Day 1

Fabulous property, fabulous plantings, fabulous photos. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise! I look forward to tomorrow's photos. Best wishes to you...

Re: Deidre's garden in upstate New York

Oh, that first photo is especially wonderful! Love the path and mature palntings.... so very inviting. I love how you have made your yard so beautiful, inviting and private. You have done a great job with it all and look forward to seeing the changes/additions! Happy Gardening!

Re: Diana's garden in Ontario

Yes, your Hostas are fabulous. What a gread statement they make. And I love how you have been able to make such a private, cozy garden in a seemingly very urban area. Great work!

Re: Betsy's garden in New York

Oh, my! I love it all! Great plant placement, great setting! Wonderful shot of the dragonfly, and awesome dawn photo! Bravo! Would love to see more~ (Would love to see your 1830 farmhouse, too!)

Re: Spring in Michaele's garden in Tennessee

Thank you for our touch of spring this morning. Lovely photos! The first snowdrops here opened yesterday. WAY behind you! Your swaths of daffs and hellebores are wonderful. I hadn't seen that variety of euphorbia before- interesting!!

Happy Gardening! Looking forward to more pics as the Spring progresses.

Re: Erla & George's garden in Oregon, Day 1

Lovely! I especially like your collection of iris with the beautiful view beyond. Also, the rhodies are great as is all your plantings. Sure like that moss-covered curving tree trunk, and what a view of Mt Jefferson! And what a fabulous rock in front of that stately sword fern! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to tomorrow's post as well.

Re: Debbie's garden in Alabama

What a fabulous garden... and a beautiul home to create around! Love it all, too! The setting you have is SSOOOO wonderful. In the second photo down on the left, what is the horizontal branching plant to the left-center? Wish you were in NYS- I'd be calling you! Thanks for sharing~

Re: Tulip Time Chez Helene

Your lovely tulips are certainly a VERY welcome sight this morning on yet another 5 degree morning! Do you replant every year? I especially love the bleeding heart amongst the pink tulips... a delightful pairing! Best wishes for the upcoming season!

Re: Nancy's garden before it was ravished by voles.....

Beautiful plantings! Your cobblestone edging sure sets them off. Great work. So sorry too, about the vole damage. Best wishes for success with your next plantings. I have a couple cats and have had no vole issues... yet.

Re: Sally's garden visit in England

AH, a special treat this morning.... thank you for sharing photos of these beautiful grounds... what a wonderful gift to the community, and beyond, from the volunteers. It appears to cover a very large area... kudos to a hard-working and dedicated group of people! Superb!

Re: Daryl's garden in New Jersey, revisited

That is quite an impressive rose! Is it a fragrant variety? What a great find the church gate is! Although you have a small lot- you certainly have fit a great many plants in. Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Amy's garden in Massachusetts

Oh, my! beautiful photos and surely a tease for more! The clematis looks fabulous... as does the rest! Please send more photos. Thank you!

Re: More Japanese maples in Kathy's Massachusetts garden

Another set of wonderful photos. I appreciate too, that you name each variety. They are nothing short of spectacular! I would love to visit sometime...

Are you headed to the Boston Flower Show? I will be there Saturday.

Re: The gardens at the Inn at Honey Run in Ohio

How fascinating is this!?!?!? Oh, how interesting. I suspect that since you've been there, repeat customers have mounted! This is really beautiful. You have done a marvelous job. I especially like your water feature photo and the plantings outside the honeycombs are wonderful. A great place to stay, indeed!

Re: A video tour through Anne's Delaware garden

Oh my gosh! What a special treat this was this morning. Loved it. The colors, fullness... birds, butterflies, even music from grandchildren. Just wonderful, ALL of it! Thank you!

Re: Kathy's colorful Japanese maples in Massachusetts

STUNNING! I love the first photo, especially. How many varieties to you have? Do you have a fave? Thanks for sharing~ they are truely beautiful.

Re: The garden Nina left behind

Nina and Bud, thank you for sharing your gardens with us this week. Truely a work of art in both design and plant selection. That she-oak sure got my attention, especially! You certainly created a wonderful space in California.... but Montana is even more special!

Re: Nina's dry stream bed in Montana

Nina.... this is wonderful. What a lot of work... and planning. It looks great. One of the best I've seen.

Re: Nina's garden in Montana, Day 2

Thanks, Nina and Michelle! What wonderful areas in the garden.... and the garden shed is FAB! I would love to have something like that! Looking forward to tomorrows photos!

Re: Nina's garden in Montana, Day 1

Oh, My! I am lovin' your vegetable garden! How I wish I had an area to do something similar. Fab! The rhubarb is awesome. Nice to see the photos before things were filled in. Quite an impressive view of the mountains! Looking forward to more photos and seeing your various projects. Great!

Re: Beautiful Grecian wildflowers

Oh, so very interesting! Thank you, too, for including variety names. What a great career to take you to other countries. Thank you for bringing a taste of it back to us!

Re: More from Midge's garden in Pennsylvania

More great photos... gotta comment on that sculpture again... I just love it! Wonderful photo of the hawk. Lovely Yellowwood; I have only seen it in catalogs. Wish I could grow one!

Re: The garden in Tennessee that Vicki left behind

You did an amazing job with your garden, given the short time span and what you had to start with. Congratulations on you fabulous success with your plantings... only losing 2 plants of 300 is quite an accomplishment! I am sure leaving this garden was tough with so many lovely plants staying behind but am sure, with all your experience, your new gardens will even surpass these lovely plantings. As we saw, you have an impressive start on it... another great garden!

We miss you, Jeff. Hope you are doing okay.

Re: Summer in Nancy's garden in Maryland

Exuberant colors this morning... How nice to see on this COLD, white morning.I also enjoy your shady garden combos.... GREAT plants; nice combinations. Lovely! And the "Bench Garden" photo... Awesome! Please send in photos of your new tulips this spring!

Re: Color in Daniela's garden in Ohio

Energizing IS a great word for this post. Love it; Love the setting; just beautiful!

Re: Darryl's garden in Tennessee, from Jeff, Day 2

to NCYarden, thank you- appreciate the Japanese Maple name- I love the foliage.

Jeff, I was wondering how long this garden has been established and were you involved with it from the beginning?

Re: Darryl's garden in Tennessee, from Jeff, Day 2

Again, a wonderful group of photos. Love this garden and its' many, many different aspects. The large grouping of Sarracenia is so eye-catching! The beehive with a roof and ornamentation is a great structural piece for the garden as well. In the 'rear courtyard fountain' photo, what is the plant to the far right with the narrow foliage? Thank you!

Re: Darryl's Garden in Tennessee, from Jeff

Thanks, Jeff! I may take you up on that some day!

Re: Darryl's Garden in Tennessee, from Jeff

Thanks, Jeff. Gosh, it would be great to work with you for a week! I could learn so much!

Re: Darryl's Garden in Tennessee, from Jeff

SUPERB! I am lovin' this post... thank you Jeff... What a fantastic property to work with. Some great specimens, groupings... I could get lost in this for awhile! (And what a beautiful home to frame with these plantings!) I must look for that 'Saybrook Gold'... think I could find a good home for that~~ Darryl and Jeff, Thank you both for sharing these photos.... GREAT photos, GREAT property!

Re: Our favorite garden at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

I add my "CONGRATULATIONS!" to Sue and Courtney, also. Hope we see your home gardens featured on GPOD. Would LOVE to see them!!!!!!!!

Re: Our favorite garden at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

A great Award choice and a wonderful feature for today's post. Love how everything ties together. I too, love the garden shows and am always in awe as to what goes into the display gardens in such a short amount of time and looking like it could have been there for years! I am headed to the RI Flower Show on the 22nd; my third visit there, SOOO looking forward to that.

Thanks for sharing, Michelle! So glad you had a great time, great talk, and great interaction with everyone including some of our GPOD'ers that were able to attend! And congratulations to those who had their gardens featured.

Re: Midge's garden in Pennsylvania

Ah, just WONDERFUL! Yes, truely a treat. How fortunate to have such a nice big area to work your garden magic. Must say, I am loving that sculpture... very cool draped in ice as well! A great shot with the foxes, also. I see them here maybe once or twice a year. Thanks for sharing... I look forward to MORE photos!

Re: Bonnie's garden in Pennsylvania in Winter

I, too, am loving that winter scene with your shed! Beautiful!

Re: Scenes from the Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Hey, Michelle! Thanks for posting some photos of the show. We look forward to more. Wish I could have been there too...I know I would have loved the show, meeting you and hearing your talk.... which I know was a huge success!

Re: Martha's garden in Michigan

Martha, thank you for your explanation of the trellis. Brilliant idea. You and your husband make a wonderful team. A BIG "THANK YOU" to you both for sharing your wonderful yard/gardens. I know we all will be anxious to see another set of photos from you!

Re: Martha's garden in Michigan

Oh- And I just had to mention that I LOVE the trellis with your Clematis.... I've ordered two new Clematis from Song Sparrow this year... hope they look as beautiful as that!

How big of an area does your garden cover?

Re: Martha's garden in Michigan

Wow! I LOVE that explosion of red on this minus 6 degree morning!. How I yearn for Spring. I envy those going to the Seattle Flower Show this weekend. (ENJOY, everyone! Hope we hear about it. Best Wishes, Michelle!)

GREAT garden. Wonderful designs, combinations,plant material and color. What is the featured plant in the last photo?
Thanks for sharing. Your garden is a beauty.

Re: Sally's garden in Maryland, in winter

Absolutely Fabulous! Love these photos~ can't even choose a fave! The crepe myrtle is so lovely; I wish we could grow them here. A great shot with the Japanese Maple~ one of my favorite trees. Love those birdbaths- especially the carved stone! You have a stunning all-season garden... would LOVE to visit sometime! Thanks for sharing again!!!

Re: More from John's butterfly (and hummingbird) garden in Michigan

Thank you, John, for sending more photos. Such a treat for us all; especially as we are waiting in earnest for SPRING. Great idea to take the time-exposure night shot.
What a bonus for all your efforts to have 25 butterfly species last year! Fabulous!

Re: John's butterfly garden in Michigan

Another Hat off to you! Wonderful what you have done/ are doing! Love the photos and I too, look forward to more. I read that article about the lack of Monarch's also. I only saw 2 Monarch's here this past year and in our area, there are LOADS of Milkweed.

Re: Jeff needs some cheering up....

Hey, if I could hop a plane....!

Re: Jeff needs some cheering up....

Jeff, you're last photo was the perfect ending to the rest of the photos! A great way to deal with this weather! :-) !! Have one for me too.

Re: Kathy's garden in Mississippi

WOW! What you have done is amazing... and oh, so interesting! (You could have a second career! :-) !!) So many things to look at... you are very creative. Certainly see why your friends like to visit.... not just because of your wonderful gardens but your personality also shines through.
Your house is a beauty and sits beautifully amongst your gardens. Great job!

Re: Darlene's garden in South Dakota

LOVE the efforts you - and your community- put forth on the "green" efforts! Great use of space. Your raised garden is wonderful... the zinnias are glorious; your bounty, gorgeous!

Re: Barbara's garden in Connecticut, in praise of Angelica gigas

Very much enjoyed the posts today... kinda fun to see one plant featured in so many settings! Great against the house... what a nice marriage. And, of course.... LOVE the sculptures.... if I only could add one to my gardens......

Re: Michelle's garden in Connecticut: before, during, and after

Great improvement , great sitting area. The stone is beautiful. Appears that neighbors are close so this was a wonderful project to do with great results. Some really nice containers, also! Always interesting to see the "before" shots.... thanks for sharing!
Best Wishes on your Garden Show talk. Looking forward to hearing about it!

Re: Lori's gnome garden in Utah

Oh, my! What a destination for the neighborhood children!
The fountains are great and fit in so well with what you have created. LOVE the archway... creative and unique. The rocks are beautiful. A lot of work in the last 5 years... but a lot of fun, too, I am sure!

Re: Carolyn's BIG rock garden in Massachusetts

Thanks for letting us know that the rock wall is a barn foundation! Ooh... opportunity knocks! When you have time....

Re: Carolyn's BIG rock garden in Massachusetts

I admire your patience and determination! You created a very special garden and we have all enjoyed it very much! A treat too, to see the killdeer chicks!
That is quite a stone wall in the 3rd photo down on the left- is that your property line?
I also would love to see more of your sculptures. How tall is the one you have pictured?

Re: Connie's garden in Illinois

Ah, wonderful photos to greet us this morning... especially welcoming today as it is MINUS 20 here! Brrr! So many things to look at in your gardens... love it. How nice to have a water feature too... so captivating for adults and children alike! Love to have you show me around.... more photos please!

Re: Marsha's garden in Illinois

Oh, these photos are fabulous! I LOVE your combinations AND photo compositions. Your garden is tour worthy; the photos should grace a calendar!
Love the Paper Butterfly Daylily... is that your fave... if not, which one is?
Also love the top right photo especially. Also, could you tell us about the structure in the back? Great focal point!

Looking forward to seeing more photos and seeing what you do with your new area of change! Thank you!

Re: David's veggie, fruit, and herb garden in Hawaii

What a great project... and with superb results in one season. Congratulations on your fine successes. Loved the photos, especially the ones with the borage and fruiting plants. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Belinda's garden in Ontario, revisited

Very inviting... love the pop of color that the Black-eyed Susan's provide... a great bonus that they reseed so readily. Love the backdrop for your gardens of the mature trees... makes the property seem like a cozy, beautiful and private get-away. And that is the cutest sugar-shack I've seen!

Re: More from Lynn's garden in Wisconsin!

Beautiful! Mesmerizing, actually! Keep wanting to look, study, savor... if I ever get to Wisconsin.... oh, I would just love a VERY SLOW tour!

Re: Lynn's garden in Wisconsin

Absolutely marvelous! I love the beds with the field stone. BTW- what plant do you have draping over the edge in the circular garden? Perfect spot for your bench. I'd hate to leave! The container planting on the tree stump- that photo is awesome! The Hostas are stunning- as are the lilies... well, it ALL is! I'm lovin' it all. And perfect "finishing touch" with the frog photo!

Re: More from Jeanne's garden in Washington

Wonderful! That is a great chain tree... always wanted to try one but have no room. (Wisteria, too!) Love yur variety of plant materials and you have some great combinations!And your flock of flamingos is fun! Okay... so now I need to see your cement gunnera leaves!

Re: More from Barbara's garden in Alaska

Oh, my! These are absolutely WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for sending more photos. Indeed, a TREAT for us! (Ought to be featured in an advertisement featuring Alaska's beauty :-) )

Re: A garden wedding in Alaska!

Oh my! How absolutely special, beautiful, and unforgettable!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Jayne's getaway garden in New Hampshire

What an awesome setting for your get-a-way! Raised beds for your veggies~ beautiful flowers~ a greenhouse~ great seating area~ AND a fabulous creek! Love it! Thanks for sharing a bit of your paradise!

Re: Vicki's garden in Washington

Beautiful! Love your seating area with all the hydrangeas (swoon!)... you are right~ you ARE establishing a wonderful oasis. You sure have done a lot in a short amount of time. You both obviously make a great team! (And LOTS of patience to put that greenhouse together! :-) !! ) Would love to see your garden in the spring as well.

Re: Desiree's garden in Texas

I echo the others in saying "great job". What a challenge with those temperatures. I have a particular fondness for pink flowers and those roses are fabulous! Your friends and neighbors are very fortunate to share in the beauty that you've created!

Re: Happy New Year!!

Love the lighting on the first photo, especially. Hope you did not endure too much damage.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you all enjoy the day. May 2014 bring you wonderful gardening adventures!

Re: Tatyana's visit to Lakewold Gardens in Washington, Day 2

Love these photos too. I so appreciate the mature plantings... beautiful! Love the bench with the moss, also. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Tatyana's visit to Lakewold Gardens in Washington, Day 1

Another treat to greet the morning. A great place to visit... wish I could! Great shot of the spider web, also!

Best Wishes to all for a happy and healthy year ahead! Happy Gardening!!! Special thanks to Michelle for a wonderful GPOD and all you folks that make it so interesting and enjoyable!

Re: A maypop invasion!

Yes, a fun post this morning! And made for a great photo. I, too, wonder what your plan for this area is for next year. BTW- I like the colors of your home!

Re: Kelley's holiday containers

What a grand seasonal entrance to the property!

Re: Merry Christmas!

Lovely photos today... LOVED the peasant one especially!

Merry Christmas to all and Best Wishes for the coming year!

Re: Stella's garden on Vancouver Island, Day 2

Oh, my! This is just FAB! I love it all... and some great photos too... the first one ... with the play of sunlight amonst the plants... wowie! What a special place you have... I too would love to stroll about and take it all in first hand. Special, indeed!

Best Wishes to everyone for a lovely Christmas with family and/or friends.

Re: Stella's garden on Vancouver Island, Day 1

Great job! I wouldn't have guessed that your property is only 3/4ths of an acre. The mature trees contribute to that, I am sure, and what a fantastic impact they make. And I just love those wide stone steps... Some really great plant material you have used (WOW! GREAT Gunnera!) and incorporated and I look forward to tomorrow's posts! (And hoping for more next spring!)Thanks for sharing.

Re: Fall in Nancy's Maryland garden

Yes, Lovin' it this time around too! Great combinations of wonderful plants! That "Chadd's Ford" is just great! Thanks so much for posting these beautiful photos. I must put some of these plants on my list for next year.

tntreeman... loved your poem. You are a man of many talents!!

Best wishes to all for a wonderful weekend and weeks ahead. And for fabulous gardens next year!

Re: Fall in Nancy's Maryland garden

Love it! I'll check in again later, as I have an extra-busy morning. I need to check this out more in depth! Beautiful!

Re: Jeanne's garden in Washington state, in fall

I am glad you were able to capture these wonderful fall moments before winter REALLY set in, they are beautiful. Great plant material and combinations. Love it!

Re: Anne's garden in Quebec

Your yard exudes that you love what you do! I am imagining that you have a lot of lingering passerbys on your sidewalk. Some wonderful plants you have... and that rose is amazing! Will want to see "before and after" photos of your back yard creations!

Re: Karen's August visit to Butchart Gardens

Thank you for the reminder to put this garden on my "bucket list". ESPECIALLY welcome to see these wonderful photos after checking the thermometer this morning at MINUS 11! The photos are all great but that first one, WOW... absolutely a piece of heaven!

Michelle... I know you will do a fabulous job! Wish I could be there!

Re: Daniel's tropical garden in AUSTRALIA

Fabulous! It all looks like a work of art! Did you design the structures yourself? What is the gazebo roof constructed of? Love the design of the "umbrellas" over the tables. You truly have a gift of making a wonderful and VERY inviting space!

Re: Alicia's garden in Connecticut

Such a nice big yard for your palette! Cute little shed which sets your roses off wonderfully. I envy your raised beds, too! Looks like you have gathered much enjoyment from all your endeavors. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Sabrina & Freeland's new garden temple in California

Love your creativity and fantastic results. You make a GREAT team and certainly are an inspiration to so many of us! Thank you!!!!!

Re: Sue's garden in Arkansas

Fabulous! Lovin' it all. Great birdhouses; awesome rocks too... ah, wonderful. The Nurseries must have LOVED seeing you coming!!! :-) ! Do you do this kind of work for a living?
Please send more photos next season!

Re: Sharlene's garden in New York

Ah, this is just GREAT! Thank you for the photo captions, also. Love that you able to incorporate the woods with your gardens. I had recognized the fish from the Philly Flower Show, tho hadn't remembered the artist. Your garden shed is fab; very unique! I love your use of so much ornamentation... I keep looking at the photos to see if I've missed anything! And I love that beautiful planter!!

Re: Maurizio's garden in Italy! (6 photos)

Thank you for sharing! Wonderful layering, nice textural contrasts! And so full. Great job!

Re: Marjorie's condo-brightening garden in Ohio

Oh my! This is a "Car-stopper" for sure! Seems that you could have a gardening job every year for your neighbors' units! Can't imagine any complaints here. Beautiful. Please send photos every year....

Re: Barb's garden in Wisconsin, revisited

Great! Love those fabulous Hostas! The path is beautiful with the ferns along side and little pops of color from various plants and ornamentation. (Love the moss between the stones!!) Great pairing with the Hosta and Corydalis. So nice to have that body of water to see everyday also, and the wildlife that comes with it.

Re: Jeanne's garden in Washington state (5 photos)

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Love all the mature plant material, great layering... so full, just love it! Cute gate that your husband built... nice pairing of the pots/bananas. How nice to walk through all those beautiful plantings to your parking area... a treat for your guests as well! I look forward to more photos!!

Re: A second year in Christine's Quebec veggie garden

A great display of tomatoes... I'm envious! Deer took ALL mine this year... never bothered them at all last year! Congratulations on a fine bounty from your second year of gardening!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Absolutely wonderful post today, so fitting for the day! I just love the foliage of the Japanese Maples and all their neighbors' glory! Great photos of the turkeys, too!
Best Wishes to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving shared with family and/or friends!

Re: Catherine's garden on Vancouver Island

Love your front gate! (And flagstone path!) What a nice porch to display your hanging baskets! I would like to see more photos also, including the trees.

Re: Marybeth's career-changing garden in New Jersey (12 photos)

Wonderful Gardens. The first photo is especially stunning! How big of a property do you have? Definately Garden Tour worthy!!! You two make a great team. Thanks for sharing. I hope these photos are the first of MANY more~~~

Re: Marybeth's career-changing garden in New Jersey (12 photos)

Wonderful Gardens. The first photo is especially stunning! How big of a property do you have? Definately Garden Tour worthy!!! You two make a great team. Thanks for sharing. I hope these photos are the first of MANY more~~~

Re: The far side of Niagara Falls, in August

This is great to know. Must contact a friend in Buffalo to see if she knows about it! Thanks for sharing~ send more photos if you can.

Re: Autumn in Central Park

Wow! Who knew! I would never have guessed you could get all these photos without other people there. It is beautiful. Great photos. Guess I'd better put that on my "bucket list" too!

Re: Bill & Linda's garden in Pennsylvania, throughout the season (12 photos)

Absolutely wonderful! Great property, great plant material. How fortunate your grandchildren are. What a beautiful influence you have on them. You will LOVE your Fringe tree. I have a male and female so I get the "cool" drupes as well.
Thanks for sharing again!

Re: Fall in Michaele's garden in Tennessee (8 photos)

Always a special treat to have photos from your gardens... oh, how I would love to visit. Great plants, great design, great ornamentation! The muhly grass is fab! How tall is your blue atlas cedar?

Re: Fall in Nancy's garden in Oregon (7 photos)

Lovely! Those Japanese leaves on the Hydrangea leaves... awesome! What is behind the Callicarpa? Thanks for sharing!

Re: Fall in May's garden in British Columbia

I am lovin' it. Wonderful color, texture, combinations.... oh, I would love to visit! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Scenes from The Pocket Park in New York (5 photos)

Bravo! This is wonderful. What a special gift for the community.

Re: Jeff's season finale in Tennessee

Thank you, Jeff! I will look it up!

Re: Jeff's season finale in Tennessee

Thanks again, Jeff. Perhaps I should enjoy it in someone else's garden. I only have 1/3 acre and don't care for sheared/shaped trees/shrubs either. I would really like to get perhaps 3 conifers that would mature out at 6-10 feet... and not very wide. Not Alberta Spruce. Any suggestions? (Zone 5)

Re: Fall in Gail's Rhode Island garden (5 photos)

Beautiful Fall photos!!! I hope to see more photos next year... would love to see your gardens each season!

Re: Jeff's season finale in Tennessee

Hi Jeff... thanks for the info on the conifers. I will look for the Crippsii... I'd seen it before in catalogs and loved it then... and love it now!

Re: Jeff's season finale in Tennessee

Always enjoy your photos, Jeff. Such a wide and interesting selection of plant material! Particularly like your grouping of the purple Fountain Grass, Lantana, etc. What is the conifer variety in the top photo on the right, tree on right in the forefront? Also, row on the right, second photo from the bottom, what is next to the acanthus? Thanks so much! Looking forward to photos in the Spring! (And that won't come quick enough! :-) )

Re: Donna's shrinking-lawn garden in California

Wonderful! You have some fabulous ideas here. Wish I could visit~ beautiful!

Re: Petra's visit to Old Westbury Gardens in Fall (12 photos)

Wow... for a fall garden, this is fab! I too, prefer more casual gardens, but Michelle, I totally agree with you...this is "done right"! Love it! And the pumpkin display... how creative and fun! Thanks for sharing, Petra, and introducing me to this garden!

Re: Happy Halloween!!

Oh, what fun for all! A great initial day... then many more follow-up days from this project the next year to watch the fruits grow. Wonderful way to get kids involved and interested in gardening.

Re: Carol's lawn-turned-garden in Texas (12 photos)

I am LOVIN' it! What a great job. Having only seen my aunt's property in TX, in photos, and looking dry and barren... WOW! I never expected something so lush and full. You have done a great job. Love the terrace, also. I use a lot of stone in my gardens as well. Your home looks beautiful, too!! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Nancy's garden in Oregon, revisited

Love it all! So very inviting. Great plant combinations... Love the path up the hillside with its' blue and chartreuse pairing. Forth photo down on the right.... what is the plant on the right with the white blossoms? Thanks.

Re: Isabel's brand new side garden in New Jersey (9 photos)

Great job! A lot of work.... but MUCH enjoyment too! I also like the wrought iron fence as a backdrop to some of your plants.

Re: One view, four seasons in Lori's Colorado garden (4 photos)

What a nice view from your bedroom all year around! Good variety of plants, too. What is planted in the pot on the near right... and do you leave it there all winter?

Re: Daniela's garden in spring (12 photos)

Thank you for sharing. Wonderful photos.... excites me for Spring...especially having just planted more bulbs recently. Love your combinations. You have fabulous gardens...

Re: Daniela's newly fenced veggie garden in Ohio (12 photos)

Loved today's posts as well. What a GREAT garden. Gosh, I would love to have your crew make one for me! :-) !!

And absolutely would like to see the other photos now!

Re: Winter is beautiful in Daniela's garden (12 photos)

Brrr! Think I'll snuggle down a little more in the blankets tonight!!!

Enjoyed your photos very much. Beautiful shots. Looking forward to seeing your veggie garden! Thanks for sharing!

Re: A season in one border in Daniela's Ohio garden

What a splendid idea to take the progression photos! Looks fabulous and I also appreciate the captions! The garden area near the woods also looks great. What a delight for your garden guests.... both in person and those of us who visit via GPOD!

Re: Marilyn's Missouri-inspired garden in Minnesota (12 photos)

I enjoyed your photos very much. Beautiful! Like your inclusions of various "ornaments" throughout your gardens. That is a great wrenhouse! I also admire your backdrop of mature trees. A lovely yard for you and guests to enjoy!

Re: Marti's "Garden from Disaster" in Seattle (12 photos)

What a wonderful project to do for your mom! Truly a labor of love. And a huge improvement for your neighborhood!

Re: Revisiting Jane's Maine garden in fall (6 photos)

Enjoyed seeing your home nestled amongst the beautiful plantings. Great photo with the poppy, especially.

Re: Bonnie's Zone 4 garden in Minnesota (12 photos)

Great! Love the sumac, also. Is it "Tiger Eye"? Hope mine look as fab when they get that big! The peony is luscious~!
Looks to me like you've been very successful at getting your great views from every window!
Thanks for sharing. I am ready for your next set of photos!

Re: Donna's reclaimed-pasture garden in Washington (8 photos)

An explosion of FANTASTIC!

Re: Kim's from-scratch garden in Missouri (12 photos)

Very nice! Enjoyed your containers, especially the Carex with purple petunias and the last one in the lower right! I am sure you derive much pleasure in creating the containers. Beautiful! And your Amelanchier trees provide great structure and contrast in your gardens.

Re: Day 2 in Carol Jean's Wisconsin Garden--Veggies and more!

An especially! interesting photo session today! I enjoy growing veggies as well and you have some wonderful ideas that folks can try for themselves! Love your creativity~~~ a garden certainly calling me to visit~~~ wish I could! Thank you too, for including what works/hasn't worked for you. All very interesting! Thank you! I also echo others on your "Living picture". Looks GREAT!

Re: Revisiting Carol Jean in Wisconsin, including a before-and-after!

The fence looks GREAT as a backdrop for your garden in the first photo. And the garden looks fab as well! I also liked your before/after photos. Thanks for sharing again. Looking forward to tomorrow's edition!

Re: Revisiting Nina's garden in Massachusetts

My "Green Envy" Echinacea does very well here mid-state NY... 5th year- though it gets 3-3 1/2 feet tall and needs to be staked.

Re: Revisiting May's garden in British Columbia

Wow! I am loving those "Hardy Fushias"! Hmmmmm.... guess I'd better try a few. What is your preference for fertilizer? Very nifty - and unique!- garden shed! Wonderful gardens; thanks for sharing again!

Re: Revisiting Nina's garden in Massachusetts

That IS a lovely daylily, "Blueberry Breakfast". I'll have to look for that one. It is also good to know what varieties of Echinacea work for folks; there are so many and I've heard that some are not reliable. Great photo with the Helenium and Hydrangea!

Re: It's still summertime in Pauline's Garden

A very Happy Anniversary to you! And love your chosen way to celebrate with new garden focal points! Beautiful! Lovely River Birch and Japanese Maples!!! Great potting area...

Re: Karen & Ted's garden in North Carolina

Looks great! Especially like your garden shed and surrounding plantings. Wish we could grow the Crepe Myrtle where I am... love the bark. The ferns look lovely next to it!

Re: Beautiful bark and shimmery spiderwebs

Keep floodin' Michelle's inbox, Jeff! Love your photos and comments! The cultivator disc photo is really grand.

Re: New plants in Kathy's Missouri garden

Enjoyed your photos very much! What a great treasure to secure that chair, also. Had not ever seen one like it before. The Alaskan Blue Cedar caught my eye... and yes.... think I NEED one of those Paperbark Maples! :-) ! I am a Hydrangea lover too... you have some nice ones! "Pinky Winky", "Limelight" and oak leaf are some of my faves.

Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing again!

Re: Sheila's containers in Colorado

Great! Especially love the Woolley pockets and surrounding plantings. Wonderful combos.

Re: Gardens at the Toledo Zoo

AH, what a lovely treat for zoo visitors! Great photos, also!!! (esp. love the clematis!) Looks like a wonderful all-day venture.

Re: Darwin is a dreamboat!

Just wonderful. Love all the creativity and joint efforts to produce such beautiful- and fun- elements for your garden. Love it! You are a GREAT TEAM!

Re: Veronica's garden in New Hampshire, revisited

GREAT photos, great combinations!

Re: Surinder's garden in New Jersey

You must have a blast putting your containers together. Lokks great; thanks for sharing!

Re: More from Cheryl's garden in Indiana

Lovely! Your energy, work and love of gardening is surely appreciated by us all!

Re: Cheryl's garden in Indiana

Nice! A lot of rock work, too, which is a great foil for your plants. Are the beds raised a bit or "even" with the lawn? Love all the color! You've done a wonderful job in giving your gardens the appearance of a more secluded area than amongst so many homes!

Re: Maria's lawn-be-gone front yard in Ontario

The gardens look great... especially like the first photo!

For edging, perhaps a row or 2 of bricks to echo your brick home?

Re: Gloria's garden in Ohio

Enjoyed seeing your plantings, Gloria. Love Marigolds, very fond of that wonderful pop of vivid yellow. Love them especially, in my vegetable garden. How nice to have your own figs! Wonderful suggestion from tntreeman on how to enjoy them another way!

Re: Bob's slope-side garden in Connecticut

Awesome, Fantastic, beautiful, inviting, inspiring, GREAT PLANT MARERIAL... oh, how I would love to be there. Thank you!!!! More photos please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Bob's slope-side garden in Connecticut

Awesome, Fantastic, beautiful, inviting, inspiring, GREAT PLANT MARERIAL... oh, how I would love to be there. Thank you!!!! More photos please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Deb & Ray's garden in Illinois

A fabulous shed! I'd like one just like it... only bigger. It looks great. Nice job with your "quilt". And I think we need more photos....

Re: Diane's garden in Illinois, revisited

Enjoyed your photos very much... appreciate all the identification of your great plants. Love the use of the more unusual varieties/cultivars. Totally agree with tntreeman!

Re: Bridgewater Village Store, 2013

I think it is fabulous! Beautiful combinations.... what a wonderful treat for customers and passers-bys alike. Really shows a sense of pride for their community and business.

Re: Linda's garden in Washington, Day 2

Absolutely wonderful. Love the contrasts in texture, the natural look of it all.... etc.!! Would love to be there for the garden tour.... NOW! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Jon's sculptural lawn in Ohio, revisited

I too had to take another look for that foot. LOVE your creativity. Make sure you send photos each year of your projects!

Re: Barbara and Denis's collaboration in Connecticut

Totally agree! You do make a GREAT team. Fabulous settings for these awesome sculptures!! Wish you were in NYS, I'd BE THERE!

Re: Nancy's daylilies in Wisconsin....LOTS of daylilies!

I have enjoyed the fruits of your labors.... and love.... yes, looks like I need to get a few more daylilies too... I'll be looking for yours when they become available! Lovely!
I also appreciate your enthusiasm!

Re: Michelle's garden in Connecticut, Day 2

I was thinking that it is Mandevilla also-

Enjoyed your photos again today. LOVE the tomato arbor!
Yay- I do the same thing... buy something occasionally that is appealing, tho not labeled and unknown...

The photo of your daughter is delightful!

Re: Michelle's garden in Connecticut, Day 1

Looks Great, Michelle! Thanks for sharing. Gosh, better put me on the list to get some dragonflies too! Fab!

Re: Tatyana's garden in Washington State, revisited, Day 2

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing great photos of your "Labors of Love"! I had no idea that meadow rue would grow so tall!

I would imagine that your tour folks were reluctant to leave. So much to see and appreciate!

Re: Mary's garden in upstate New York

Lovely! Thanks for sharing. The wisteria is fabulous... along with that awesome view!

Re: Kathleen and Don's garden in Pennsylvania

Ah, how wonderful this is! Beautiful selections, placement, colors, inter-play... wow. Well-done.

Re: las vegas baby

Great fun. Love your sense of humor!

Re: Peonies in Clare's garden in New Jersey

Fabulous! What a lovely treat to see these this morning. Out of curiosity, how many varieites do you have?

What a fantastic place for a wedding, too!

Re: Jeff's building a patio!

Jeff- I am loving this ... wish I could check it out in person. You have some wonderful ideas, great vision for your property! I was unaware of a red "Harry"- I'll have to check that out!

I look forward to seeing more photos ... wish I could hire you too!

I would love to know your 5 top favorite shrubs, trees and perennials!

Re: Katie's garden in Ohio, revisited

Looks wonderful. Your perseverance paid off in a very big way.

Re: Nancy's veggie garden in New York

Fabulous! A LOT of initial work... but WOW! What great results!Congratulations on a fine achievemnet!

Re: A walk up the High Line in New York City

Thank you for calling our attention to this. Fabulous. I must check it out!

Re: A garden meetup!

How wonderful that the two of you were able to share some garden time together. we love reading your comments and have enjoyed the photos very much. Wish I could have joined you there as well, Michaele. Fabulous opportunity for you both! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Jane's garden in Maine, revisited

Ahhhhhh. Love it. GORGEOUS! I would love to be there and drink in all the lovliness and admire up close all those wonderful plantings.

To Jay- Wish there was a nursery like that in my "neck of the woods". Do tell us about it!

Re: Michael's garden in Washington, Day 2

Truly a feast for the eyes! Love it. So much to see and appreciate. I'm coming over too! :-)

Re: Michael's garden in Washington, Day 1

Add me to your list of envious persons. Love it! GREAT "Bones", great accompanying plantings. The hardscaping is wonderful. I, too, love the fence and water feature. Your landscaper and you achieved a fabulous area!

Re: Glenda's garden in Washington State

Worth a first look.... and a second... and third.... lots of interesting things in your gardens! Very enjoyable; Thanks for sharing!!!

Re: May in Terie's garden in New York

A lovely way to start the day. Especially enjoy the gardens throughout the mature trees. Beautiful! A great shot of the catbird in the crapapple, also!! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Wendy's garden in Virginia, Day 1

Wow! What a lovely greeting with these photos this morning! Wonderful splash of springtime color- great harmony in your selections. Would love to see more photos from later in the season, also!

Re: May's garden on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Good Morning! Great way to start the day. Love your garden. The Wisteria is lovely, as is the rest of your gardens. Nice selection of pots and plants... and love the shot with the bird! Thanks for sharing. Delightful!

Re: Tim's side garden in Ohio, revisited

Oh my! That Lady's Slipper is Fabulous!
Great color and texture through-out! Keep those "re-visits" coming!

Re: The evolution of Regina's roadside garden in Illinois

Wow! Your neighbors must have enjoyed watching the transition. Looks wonderful. Would love to see the "night lighting"! Also.... keep us informed on the new garden area. We'll be looking for before/after photos again. Enjoy the hunt!!!

Re: Gayle & Larry's garden in Illinois

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I love what you have done. Your skills are perfection! Great ideas, great results.

Re: Nina's garden in Massachusetts, revisited

I, too , love the specie tulips and use them in my own gardens as well as recommend them for clients. Love the first photo, especially! The tree adds wonderful structure and love that pop of pink!

Re: Sue's garden in Ohio

Lovely. Would love to check it out in person. So many nice combinations and little surprises... Especially like the white birdhouse and pole in your shade garden.

Re: Michaele's garden in Tennessee, Day 1

Thank you for the sculpture "background". How very special. I just love it! Looking forward to tomorrows posts!

Re: Michaele's garden in Tennessee, Day 1

Oh, My! That is one FABULOUS sculpture! The winter shot is especially spectacular! Please tell us more about it.

Love your plantings/gardens. Wish I could visit in person- the photos are always a special treat! Looking forward to tomorrow.....

Re: Carla's garden in Connecticut, revisited

What lovely Spring photos of your gardens. I too, love the unmown lawn photo. So inviting and relaxing. Also, I like the stone walls for background and structure. The swath of For-Get-Me-Nots is especially beautiful.

Re: Kevin's garden in Washington, D.C.

Your yard must be the envy of the neighborhood! I too, love that peony- do you know which variety it is? So far... I have had success with my "Tiger Eye" sumac. (Zone 5A). Neither gets full sun- the one that looks the best gets morning sun only. Average soil.

Re: Nancy's garden in Maryland

Good Morning, all! Delighted to have the email back early in the day!
Lovely tulip display- so cheery and bright! Love the background in the first photo too!

Re: Spring unfolds in Pauline's California garden

Picture Perfect! I absolutely love what you have accomplished here. So amazing, so wonderfully inviting!

Re: Beth's garden in Iowa, Day 4--Containers & Ornaments

Beth, I, too, have enjoyed your wonderful photos .... great combos, both plants and color- and interesting interjections of fun things- so much to see and appreciate. Wonderful job! Wish I could visit in person!

Re: Beth's garden in Iowa, Day 1

Absolutely beautiful plantings and a lovely home! Looking forward to the photos for the rest of the week! Well done!

Re: Spring in Jeff's garden in Tennessee

Good Morning. So pleased to see some photos (and ID's) from your place, Jeff! Beautiful! How big of an area to you have? Enjoyed your comments. And I too, LOVE this time of year. I am hoping to see your gardens again as the seasons progress. Thank you!

Re: Julie's garden in British Columbia, Day 2

This is wonderful! Great combos, AWESOME bridge. Did you design/build that yourself? Clever use of the fish. Wish I could visit in person...!

Re: Nong's garden in Ohio, Day 2

"Sign me up too!" :-) Luscious! How very inviting. And that is an awesome up-right rock in the last photo.

Re: Nong's garden in Ohio, Day 1

Oh, this is wonderful! What a spectacular place for the kids to soak in the lovliness and hopefully, nurture their desire for gardening. I, too, wonder if you plant annuals later- and- if you replant the tulips each year.

Re: Karen's no-lawn front yard in California

Good for you! This posting just calls out for an up-date as you progress. Best wishes with your projects! Maybe you will start a trend....

Re: Barbara's shady circular garden in New York

Oh, my! This is beautiful! We MUST have more photos, please... would love to see what else you've done in your gardens. The birdbath is gorgeous. Also, thanks for sharing your soil prep info.

Re: Joanne's garden in Ohio

I can see why your home would be a favorite destination for your children and grandchildren. Lovely!

Re: Lori's garden in Utah, Day 2

Oh my! This is fabulous! (I think we should all meet here for a little tour and a wine and cheese party... :-) !! )

Re: Lori's garden in Utah, Day 1

Well, that sure makes me yearn for more photos! Lovely containers, lovely home, lovely views!

Re: Another design by John in Virginia

I too, love the stone steps. A challenging task and solved beautifully! Would enjoy seeing more of your work!

Re: Our 2nd visit of the season to Pauline's garden in California

Oh, my! 200 Japanese Maples! The close-up shot of the Katsura Maple is lovely! Your garden sounds wonderful. What a beautiful property to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Kathy's garden in Connecticut

I'm lovin' it! Especially enjoy the contrast of the grasses against the tree and shrubs in the 3rd photo down!

Re: Katie's garden in Ohio

Ooh. Fabulous and I am especially loving that veggie garden. You both obviously make a great team. The clematis are beautiful- well... it ALL is! Thanks for sharing.

Re: More from Tricia's garden in Minnesota!

Absolutely captivating!!! What a treat- wish I could be there in person to see the efforts of your wonderful work. WOW! And the first photo is especially grand. The frog photo is precious! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Winter & spring mingle in Kathie's garden in Virginia

Enjoyed the photos... even if they did make me shiver! :-) Beautiful Arum- wish I could grow them here. I like your stone-edged path- beckons me to "come, take a stroll..."

Re: Linda & Terry's garden in Ontario, revisited

Lovely! I am quite taken with those big boulders too-... great job!

Re: Camellias in Pauline's garden in California

How special that you've raised so many from seed! I also would be interested to know how many years it took for them to blossom. These photos are a very welcome sight on a VERY snowy NY morning!

Re: Even more from Tricia's garden in Minnesota

Lovely and inviting! I would so appreciate having my studio nestled in a cove of beauty such as this!

meander1- I always enjoy your comments!

Re: Jon's sculptural lawn in Ohio

A delightful, out-of-the-ordinary visual this morning. What fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Visitors in Linda's garden in Texas

Love the photos! We have had waxwings here in central/eastern NY but not THAT many at a time, here, anyway. The birdbath is a beauty. Snowdrops here are in bloom and the red-wings and robins have recently arrived.

Re: More from Dorothy's garden in Maryland

Spectacular! (How long did it take you to lay all those bricks?!?) Also love the woodsy areas. Great job!

Re: Pinterest, anyone?

Good Morning Michelle, (and all of you!)
Hope you are feeling much better. Our best wishes are with you!

Re: Springtime flowers in Nancy's garden in Oregon

Lovely! The Primrose is quite striking- hadn't seen one like that before! Enjoyed this touch of "Spring" this morning, thank you! We have 3 1/2 inches of new snow this morning- so far- but it will be "Spring" again tomorrow for us when we go to the Philly Flower Show.

Re: Dorothy's garden in Maryland

Love what you were able to accomplish with your gardens. Looks beautiful- in fact- hard to leave behind. Would love to see what your area looks like now, and what you hope to do with it. Love the daylily that you showcased, I have one similar- they are awesome! Thanks for sharing- and do keep in touch about your developing new gardens!

Re: Carol's garden in Michigan

What a wonderful pop of color to greet us this morning. Lovely photos and I LOVE the description of your family. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Linda & Terry's garden in Ontario

Fabulous! A tremendous undertaking but, WOW! What amazing results. Great teamwork.

Re: More from Christine's garden on Long Island

Beautiful. So sorry for the damages that you and your gardens have had to deal with. I am hoping, as is tntreeman, that many plants will bounce back. Thank you for sharing more photos... and best wishes to you. Keep us posted.

Re: Christine's bayside garden in New York

Thanks so much for sharing your photos- and identities- very enjoyable. Particularly, love the white garden- easily one of the best that I've seen.... also, I too, like the effect of your limbed-up yew, the stonework and accompanying plantings. GREAT grouping! Lovely garden in memory of your Mother, as well. A wonderful tribute and especially meaningful as it contains some of her own plants. Would be delighted to see more photos of your fine work.

Re: Jane's garden in Maine

Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Lovely too, that you have portions of your gardens that are built with your loving children's hands. Makes it extra special!

Re: Calvin's garden in Washington state

Wonderful! Looks so much like the area we were fortunate to have when my siblings and I were young- we loved it then, love it now. And I appreciate that you listed plant/tree names. Great diversity, lovely harmony.

Re: More from Betsy's townhouse garden in New York

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing- you have done amazing things with such a small area. I love, especially, the stonework in the first photo, the fabulous "Moon Shadows" Kousa and that awesome pink Dahlia! A wonderful back yard. Congratulations!

Re: Jenni's garden in Virginia

Oh, my Goodness! Love it! Sign me up! :-) A wonderful "collection" of great plants, forms, garden art! (And your little girl- absolutely precious.) I am especially fond of the oakleaf hydrangea ....and... the birdbath!

Re: Jeff's garden in Tennessee

Wonderful! I enjoy feasting upon the vast selection of plants that you have expertly placed in your gardens. Love, especially, the variety of trees and shrubs; fabulous containerized Japanese Maple, too. A Beautiful space. Wish I could visit! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Sunny's hillside garden in Ontario

What you have accomplished is amazing and beautiful! A HUGE undertaking and what a vision you must have had! Bravo! I am certain that your business will be a success! WOW! Thanks for sharing. Your project is certainly inspiring - and - appreciated!

Re: Deborah's garden in Massachusetts

And what a well-deserved glass of wine it is! Beautiful! I love how private and cozy it is, even thought you have close neighbors. Bravo!

Re: Jackie's spring garden in Michigan

Spring is also my favorite time of year. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Re: More from Barb's garden in Massachusetts

Fabulous! How I would love to have you check out MY gardens and make suggestions! Love your style! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Barb's garden in Massachusetts

What else can I add to the great comments!?! AWESOME!

Re: Mary's garden in Wisconsin

What an interesting story- and with wonderful results! Congratualtions! Had to have been exciting- and so fulfilling- to make such great finds and have them flourish!

Re: Ann's garden in Minnesota

I, too, love your garden and use of found objects. Sure entices one to look in every corner to see what surprises may be waiting to be discovered! Thanks so much for sharing!Wish I could visit!

Re: Happy 3rd Birthday to the GPOD!!

Congratulations! This blog is a great way to start my day- always revisit the previous day again as well. These are wonderful photos again today. Thank you for providing the quick links to visit them and refresh our memory. So inspiring, so very beautiful. Thank you all!

Re: Bill's tropical garden in Ohio

This is amazing. Congratulations on your diligence- and- your improved health! Yes! I think garden tours are definately in order. Best Wishes to you.

Re: Sneaking a peek before dawn

These are great. Thank you for sharing!

Re: In the grip of icy cold

These are just lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Re: A golf Course Garden

Ah, THAT garden is worth paying extra golfing fees for!!!!

Re: Brenda's holiday garden decorations in Georgia, Day 1

Fabulous!!! What a gift you have, Brenda, for creating such lovely arrangements- and what a lovely gift for us to have you share them with us! Thank you!

To all, a "Merry Christmas" and wishing you all wonderful garden experiences in the year ahead!

Re: Carol's voodoo lily in Georgia

Interesting- and has a nice color contrast. (Pretty kitty, too-) Our brief glimpse of your garden begs for more... looks wonderful!

Re: Kathy's garden in Missouri, Day 1

I enjoyed your gardens very much! Many interesting and creative aspects to look at. And look at. And look at! LOVE it. I look forward to tomorrows edition! Thanks for sharing-

Re: Sue's container gardens in Nevada

Judging from these FABULOUS containers... we are in for yet another treat when we see the gardens that you create!

Re: The Best Garden of 2012

All these gardens are wonderful. Kudos to the designers! I will vote for the Burdick Garden as I love working with stone and appreciate the many applications of it- Love the varied use of plant material... some great combinations. The gardens harbor many ideas that can grace many types of gardens- I also appreciate the fact that the garden can be viewed and enjoyed from numerous areas. I love the element of curiosity of wanting to see it from every angle!

Re: Phillip & Michael's Garden in Alabama, revisited

Wow, wow, wow! I think this is the BEST "Autumn" garden that I've ever seen. Fabulous, enchanting, rich. I love it. Great photos, too. Thank you for sharing!!!

Re: Bob & Linda's garden in Pennsylvania

Thank you for sharing your lovely gardens with us today! Wow, do I ever yearn for spring ... your hard work and beautiful results inspire me to create, create, create! I too, work with stone and I love what you have done. And what a perfect place for your grandchildren to play, enjoy and learn about plants and nature!

Re: Fall in Sally's garden in Maryland

Absolutely beautiful. How I wish I could visit. You certainly have created a very special place. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Re: Lorraine's from-scratch garden in Ontario

Just lovely! Looks like you've turned your piece of the earth into a paradise! (And I put that "Colour Flash" Astilbe on my "Must Have" list!) Thanks for sharing!

Re: Bob & Lisa's recycled garden in South Carolina

So creative. Fun to check out your creations. I especially like the painted stock tank. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Jacky & Lyn's garden in Wisconsin, Day 2

Again, absolutely wonderful photos!!! Sensational! What a fabulous place this would be for a B & B! Sign me up!

Re: Jacky & Lynn's garden in Wisconsin, Day 1

I am SSSSOOOOOO ready for a personal tour.... AND.... a glass of wine.... Ah. Just beautiful. You make a great team, obviously! Thank you for sharing!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ruth Ann's garden in New Jersey

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos- the first photo with the hydrangeas was enough to blow me away! Simply STUNNING! And great obelisks... nice sculputural additions to your beautiful property.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kiah's garden in British Columbia

Looks like your yard must be the envy of the block!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Susan & Richard's Japanese tea garden in Illinois

The use of lighting is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Re: The gardens at Cady's Falls Nursery in Vermont

Totally AWESOME! Thank you for bringing this Nursery to our attention. Definately on my "to-do" list!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Ann's garden in Ontario

Lovely! And I especially like the second photo! Great! Best Wishes for a wonderful Anniversary Celebration! Teamwork. I LOVE it!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Michaele's container gardens in Tennessee

Michaela, For a "first time" effort, I think you did a great job! These are fun, interesting and appealing! You have a natural gift for fabulous work! Keep 'em coming!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Another design by Jay in North Carolina

Jay, this is wonderful, too! Love your work. (Great stonework also!) In fact, I would love to see your work- and discussion/comments- in book form. Thank you for sharing. More! More!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Jay's garden in North Carolina, Day 1

Ah, Paradise! A Masterpiece. Congratulations on achieving a fabulous environment with a challenging beginning! Looking forward to tomorrows' presentation! Thank you!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Betsy's garden in New York

Thank you so much for sharing these photos- they are wonderful! I find your gardens to be fascinating- wow! Would I love to visit! Congratulations on your accomplishments in such a challenging space! LOVE IT!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Alyson's garden in Washington state

Lovely! And the garden art in the third photo also captured my attention. And I agree- more photos would be most welcome! Thanks for sharing!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Michaele's garden in Tennessee, revisited

Ah, Sweet success. It looks great. Love the stonework, too. A great accomplishment; Congratulations!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Sally's garden in Maryland, revisited

Absolutely fab. Wish I could visit in person! Looks like a piece of heaven to me....Thanks for sharing!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Veronica's garden in New Hampshire

Simply Awesome! Congratulations on creating such a wonderful space. Thanks for sharing.

Re: READER PHOTOS! Kathy's garden in Illinois

This is just lovely. I hope the new owners appreciate and continue to nurture your beautiful gardens. Congratulations on a job WELL done. Best wishes to you. I am sure we would all love to see your new home and the garden transformations!

Re: 2012 Garden Conservancy Open Days: Win a Pair of Free Tickets

I would love to check out the Seehonk Garden in Massachusetts. It is a lovely area, rich in history, and within a driving distance suitable to my restraints- I am caregiver for my Father. I would be able to have someone look after him during the day while I was gone. Thank you for the opportunity for us all to have a chance at these tickets!

Re: READER PHOTOS! Woolly thyme like tumbling water

Absolutely lovely! BTW, what is the tall plant to the left in the first photo? Thank you....

Re: READER PHOTO! A memorial garden in Virginia

What an inspiration. Wish I could visit. I admire what you have done and hope to accomplish and enjoy as much as you do! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Containers by Deanne Fortnam, Part 1

Nothing short of SPECTACULAR! This week is a special treat! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Very inspiring.

Re: Wow the mailman!

Lovely! And the background views are just as enticing! I'd love to step right in and enjoy it to its' fullest! Thank you for sharing.

Re: Keeping cool in a Charleston courtyard

I especially like the use of the ferns and moss in the foreground! A lovely setting, a commendable photo composition as well! Thanks for sharing!

Re: READER PHOTO! Grasses & a hay bale table

Bravo, Mr. Leveridge, on your superb use of plant material. Sounds like a book should be in order! :-) Thank you for sharing these series of photos. Wish I lived closer to Austin, TX so I could visit and see first hand your fine work. Inspiring!

Re: READER PHOTO! Touchable texture and contrast from two great plants

Fabulous photo as well as an outstanding display. Thank you for sharing!

Re: READER PHOTO! Lemonade from lemons

What an awesome idea! It looks great. Two thumbs UP! (Should the cut surfaces be painted with a preservative?)

Re: This plant's future is in your hands...

This lovely hydranges can easily handle some creative pruning! I totally with Stan Horst... a garden underneath it, extended to the sidewalk and driveway could be awesome! Great oppurtunity here.

Re: Green is enough!

Love it! Acessories provide the perfect "punch"!

Re: Birdhouses are a pop of color in borders

....THREE thumbs up! Great!

Re: An ode to copper

Great! And you are so fortunate to have such a fantastic stone wall! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Black & blue isn't always painful

Great combo! Looks like Sambucus is a "must-have"! Thanks for sharing.

Re: READER PHOTO! All the joys of a garden, on a deck

You Go Girl! Looks FAB! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Better than flowers

Lovely! Thank you for sharing!