Lucky Maria Fleming (Quiltingmamma). She's someplace warm. While we've visited her Ottawa, Ontario, garden and her travels to Montreal and France before (HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE), she's nowhere near those places now. Maria says, "I am in Ecuador for a few weeks, and though my current focus is birdwatching, I have occasionally been distracted by plants and flowers. I thought you might like some blooms from here. Not a garden, but some you will see are natural versions of what we garden with. There are blooms and bromiliad shots from the rain forest, fushia and lupines from the high alto hills, and vanilla orchids from the cloud forests of Mindo. Enjoy." Sigh. So nice, Maria.

***So sorry about yesterday's repeat post, everyone. We made some changes to the website that made some things a little wonky, so I wasn't able to publish a fresh post. Hopefully we're back to normal now.***

I've been getting feedback that, while all the snow pics lately are nice, everyone's feeling the need for more GREEN pics in the GPOD these days. I think we're all getting a bit winter-weary.... so I need your help! Send in photos of your gardens from last summer! ( Be sure to tell me a bit about yourself and your garden when you send in your pics. You're much more likely to be featured if I have all that stuff at hand. Thanks, everyone!

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