• garden on and around a rain barrel

    How to Save Water in the Garden for Droughts to Come

    Water has become a critical consideration as our climate changes and reservoirs are drying. Some years may grace us with more rainfall than others, but the long-range view of the…

  • installing a drip irrigation system

    An Easy Approach to DIY Drip Irrigation

    When my wife and I planted our gardens in Sandy, Utah, we knew we’d have to somehow irrigate our plants. For several years, we watered with a hose and sprinkler,…

  • How-To

    Tip: How to Water a Pot

    Regular, thorough watering could possibly be the most important factor in a container planting's success. A container that isn't watered enough will limp along in survival mode. Water your containers…

  • How-To

    Southeast September Garden To-Do List

    Is it fall yet? Nope, not in the Southeast, but that’s just fine with me. Late summer has its own flavor worth savoring. Sure, plenty of plants are looking dog-tired,…

  • ways to water

    2 Smart Ways to Water Your Garden

    If you’ve ever struggled through a dry summer with a hose in one hand and a watering can in the other, desperately trying to keep up so that your plants…

  • water-wise garden

    Design a Water-Wise Garden

    Being more conscious of the water used in gardens is not a responsibility left only to those who experience extreme droughts. If you live in an area that gets regular…

  • How-To

    Northern California August Garden To-Do List

    In the edible garden Harvest your bounty. Summer vegetables are at their best now. August is a time of abundance in the vegetable garden, with bountiful crops of summer squash,…

  • How-To

    Northern California July Garden To-Do List

    For the Northern California gardener, July means that summer has truly settled in. There are consistently warmer temperatures, intermittent heat waves, fog for coastal gardeners, and pleasant afternoons spent weeding,…

  • How-To

    Southern Plains July Garden To-Do List

    Reduce the mosquito population in your yard and garden. While mosquitoes aren’t technically a garden pest, they are a serious gardener pest. This is a time of year when we…

  • Design

    The Art of Watering the Garden

    Have you ever noticed how vibrant your garden looks after a steady, soaking rain? Natural rainfall infiltrates soil in a way that is hard to match with artificial watering. We…