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    Vertical Gardening in Southern California

    Vertical gardening continues to grow in popularity. Although the concept is not new, it is becoming more relevant than ever for Southern California landscapes. With increasingly hot, dry, and windy…

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    Kitchen Gardening

    Inside Vertical Harvest Farms in Jackson, Wyoming

    Last summer, my husband and I decided to escape to the mountains, and we took a road trip to Jackson, Wyoming. After arriving at our hotel room, my husband immediately…

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    Running Out of Room? Go Vertical!

    We live in a time when people are choosing to downsize their large homes and expansive yards into smaller, more manageable spaces. Whether due to aging, wanting to reduce their…

  • Design

    How to Build a Strawberry Tower

    Standing tall among low growing vegetables, this Strawberry Tower is both decorative and functional.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    New Ideas in Vertical Vegetable Gardening

    Vining vegetables, from pole beans to tomatoes, need a strong trellis to keep the fruit growing up. In addition to manufactured vertical gardens, DIYers can stretch their creativity for getting…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    DIY A-Frame Veggie Trellis 2.0

    This updated a-frame trellis design features the "replaceable feet" like its predecessor, but is now anchors to the raised bed for more stability.

  • Design

    Grow Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

    Hanging baskets are a vertical gardening method that not only creates more garden space, but it's also a handy way to add quick color and (surprise) grow more food!

  • Kitchen Gardening

    5 Great Reasons to Grow Vegetables Vertically

    You can grow plenty of food to supplement your family's groceries. You just have to get in the habit of letting your mind wander up instead of out.

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    Will You Grow Up? A Trellis Can Help

    When the need for more garden space arises, trellises certainly meet the challenge.

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    Did Vertical Gardening Start During The Gold Rush?

    The eastern face of Telegraph Hill looked wild and inaccessible, like El Capitan rising from the floor of Yosemite Valley. The rock face cascaded with ribbons of green, framed by…