Tree Bark

  • Prairie Gold quaking aspen

    Deciduous Trees for Winter Interest in the Northern Plains

    Winter in the Northern Plains brings an opportunity to appreciate the deciduous trees in our landscape for more than just the leaves and flowers they provide. Form and texture really…

  • China Snow Peking lilac

    Ornamental Bark on Deciduous Trees in the Midwest

    A feature that many overlook when selecting a tree is the bark. Distinctive bark contributes visual interest, and an appreciative eye will enjoy the limitless range of beautiful colors and…

  • Design

    Winter Interest in New England

    Today’s photos come from Barbara Cain. Hello and happy spring! I’d like to share some photos of the plants I have incorporated into my garden for winter interest. Normally the…

  • Design

    Winter Bark for Color and Texture

    February is an in-between time in the garden, although there are still plenty of chores to keep up with. But when the weather is cooperative, we must take the time…

  • Design

    Beautiful Bark on Deciduous Trees

    Come winter, when gardens go quiet in the Northeast, most of us become so hard up for visual stimulation that we finally get excited about tree bark. Now that our…

  • tree bark

    Bark With Bite: How to Utilize Tree Bark in a Garden Design

    In my younger years, when my long history of saying dumb things was in a sort of golden age, I said something to the effect of, “Why would anyone be…

  • Man standing next to a potted tree on a hand truck, examining the label

    How to Buy a Tree

    Trees are generally the priciest and most permanent plants gardeners will buy in their lifetime, so most of us want to ensure that the one we select at the nursery…