Sustainable gardening

  • eco-friendly gardening

    5 Simple Steps for Creating a More Eco-friendly Garden

    For years I’ve heard the same refrain: You can’t have a good-looking garden that is also eco-friendly. It seems that many folks think native plants are too wild looking and…

  • Collection

    Unique Plants to Fill the Native Niche in Your Garden

    Is there something missing in your garden? There's a native plant for that!

  • close up of a row of raised garden beds

    Making an Organic Community Garden in Arkansas

    Today we’re visiting with Mary Maud Huber. Fourteen years ago when we moved to Fairfield Bay in north-central Arkansas, I wanted a plot in the Community Garden. The town is…

  • close up of white flower with skinny petals

    White Flowers in a Sustainable Garden in LA

    We shared our garden before (Sustainable Gardening in LA), and now we would like to share photos of some white flowers in our yard. Grandma planted this sweet alyssum (Lobularia…

  • Design

    Sustainability in the Garden Roundtable (Webinar)

    Join us as we host a lively conversation with experts from the world of sustainability. Designer Kelly Norris, plantsman Panayoti Kelaidis, horticulturist William Cullina, and soil scientist Robert Schindelbeck will…

  • water-wise garden

    Design a Water-Wise Garden

    Being more conscious of the water used in gardens is not a responsibility left only to those who experience extreme droughts. If you live in an area that gets regular…

  • How-To

    Earth-Friendly Containers

    The dirty secret of gardening is that there is an aspect of the hobby that is terrible for the environment—namely, the plastic pots that dominate the nursery industry. It’s a…

  • How-To

    Biodegradable Pots: What You Need to Know

    How fast do alternative plant containers break down, and do they inhibit root growth? These are common questions when talking about biocontainers. Decomposition of an ecofriendly container depends on many…

  • Design

    Sustainable Gardening in LA

    Phan Yamada shared these photos of a sustainable garden in Los Angeles. We mulch with wood chips (free from the city) to hold rainwater from our roof. The deep mulch…

  • spring container with bulbs

    A Bright Idea for Spring Containers

    After the long gray of winter when most of us are desperate for color in the landscape, bulbs in containers can add a splash of brilliance anywhere it is needed.…