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  • closeup of Cymbidium orchid

    Lynette’s California Garden

    About a year ago, Melissa Leano Grosso shared images of her garden in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona (Gardening in the Desert). Today she’s sharing images of her sister’s garden…

  • Desert rose blooms

    Desert Rose for the Southwest

    Desert rose (Adenium obesum, Zones 10b–12) is a slow-growing succulent that delivers beautifully deep pink blooms throughout the summer in the Southwest. You can now find hybrids that have orange,…

  • Echeverias

    Enchanting Echeverias for the Southwest

    Echeverias (Echeveria spp. and cvs., Zones 9–11) are beloved by many gardeners for their beautiful colors and textures. They are rose-shaped succulents that are not only drought resistant but also…

  • Queen of White variegated thread-leaf agave

    Frost-Proof Succulent Survivors for Northern California

    The chilly nighttime temperatures of a Northern California winter can wreak havoc on a garden filled with tender succulents. Many varieties suffer when temperatures dip below freezing unless protective measures…

  • Design

    Planting a Public Garden in Florida

    Today we’re visiting with Joyce Laubach to see a beautiful project she worked on in a park near her new home in Florida. This is a fun reminder that there…

  • How-To

    Your Guide to Growing Lithops in the Southwest

    Lithops (Lithops spp. and cvs., Zones 10–11), also known as living stone or split rocks, are beautiful little plants. They come in a variety of colors, and when blooming they…

  • Design

    Beautiful and Delicious Fruits of Southwestern Cacti

    Now that we’re more accustomed to living in the Southwest, we’ve been getting a little more experimental with cacti. We have recently started cooking with them—their fruit, that is! The…

  • Design

    Cold-Hardy Succulents for the Low Desert

    If you live in the Southwest, you understand how drastically the temperatures can vary from day to night. Sometimes the temps can drop 30 to 40°F, so finding plants that…

  • Design

    Growing Succulents for Color

    As temperatures soar, all the grass in the neighborhood begins to brown, and you have to deadhead your flowers a day after they bloom, it feels like you’d do almost…

  • Design

    Growing Succulents Successfully in Northern California

    Succulents are remarkable plants that have evolved the ability to store and reserve water within their plump and fleshy leaves and stems. This allows them to remain hydrated during times…