• growing aloe vera

    Growing Aloe Vera in Southern California

    Aloe vera (Aloe vera syn. Aloe barbadensis, Zones 10–11) is only one of many species in the Aloe genus. It is likely native to parts of North Africa where conditions…

  • close up of giant yellow Leucospermum

    Back to Steve’s Garden

    Steve, who lives in the heart of Los Angeles in Southern California, shared some beauties of this garden with us recently (Steve's Southern California Garden), and today we’re back to…

  • plants for seating area pots

    Low-Care Plants for Seating-Area Pots

    If there is one hot plant group I couldn’t live without, it would be succulents. Their luxurious textures, shapes, and colors offer incomparable bold structure. I often create succulent gardens…

  • Article

    Winter in Arizona

    Today’s post is from Melissa Grosso in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We’ve visited her garden before and even had a chance to visit her sister’s garden in California. Today she is…

  • Article

    Plants That Still Look Good After a Long, Hot Summer

    Jeff Carlton has shared photos from his wonderful Tennessee garden with us several times before. If you’ve missed them, check some of them out here and here. Today’s he’s thinking about…

  • Article

    Making Succulent Wreaths

    Today’s photos come from Rachel Hermansen. And she’s got a confession to make: My name is Rachel, and I am addicted to succulents. Well, as addictions go, succulents aren’t a bad…

  • Article

    Filling an Arid Garden With Color

    Suzanne M. Stewart shared photos today from her garden: I am submitting some photos from Glenwood Springs, which is on the western slope (best slope) of Colorado. My husband, Dave…

  • Article

    Cactus collection

    Today’s photos come from Josh in Virginia and show his ever growing collection of cacti and other succulents. His interest in cacti started with trying to find houseplants that his…

  • containers in California

    Michelle’s Containers in California

    Today's photos are from Michelle Derviss in Novato, California. Michelle is one of my very favorite garden designers--I love her style, and she's a super-cool person, too! She sent these…