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Plants That Still Look Good After a Long, Hot Summer

Tennessee gardener shares some of the stars of his late summer/early fall garden.

Jeff Carlton has shared photos from his wonderful Tennessee garden with us several times before. If you’ve missed them, check some of them out here and here. Today’s he’s thinking about the end of the summer.

It has been a very long, hot, wet, and stressful summer, and I am ready for a very long fall—not winter! Some things are still showing color, while others are looking exhausted. Here are a few shots from around the backyard this past weekend. Succulents carry the show this time of year, so I included a couple of shots of those.

Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’ (Zones 9–11). We usually think of succulents for their beautiful foliage, but this one is showing that it can put on quite a flower display as well.


An unknown echeveria cultivar showing some more really lovely flowers.


A collection of mixed succulents, looking into what Jeff calls his “weirdo” garden area.


A mixed planting of different cannas. Cannas are always a top choice for color through a long, hot summer. They love the heat and will look terrific provided they get plenty of water.


Ornamental oregano ‘Lizzie’ (Oreganum leavigatum ‘Lizzie’, Zones 6–8) putting on a really spectacular floral display. Ornamental oreganos are usually quite popular with bees and other pollinators, so they’re a great choice for nearly any garden.


A nest of hen-and-chicks (Sempervivum spp., Zones 4–11). While many popular succulents such as echeveria have to come inside for the winter in most climates, hen-and-chicks are very cold tolerant and can live outside all year for the vast majority of gardeners.


‘Scarlet Belle’ pitcher plant (Sarracenia ‘Scarlet Belle’, Zones 5–9) is a carnivorous plant with beautiful leaves that attract both the gardener’s attention and the attention of the many insects that it lures to their deaths.


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  1. user-1020932 09/19/2018

    no clue why I am now a user and can't use my name which is CALTON not Carlton

    1. Chris_N 09/19/2018

      Jeff - There's a drop down box with Account Settings under your name (user-1020932) at the top of the page. It will let you change your screen name to something less impersonal.

    2. sheila_schultz 09/19/2018

      I just checked in Mr. Not-Carlton!!! Dang, I'm still laughing... sorry Jeff.

  2. user-7017435 09/19/2018

    Good morning Jeff, Thank you for your post this morning. It's good to see different aspects of your terrific gardens & I hope everything is going well for you, Good luck, Joe

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/19/2018

    Seeing your eye-catching stand of cannas makes me wonder why I miss the boat each year on planting some. Do you overwinter yours in the ground or start out with new selections each year? Those unknown orange echeveria flowers are certainly putting on a show...they look like they've got University of TN football spirit. Love the texture of that mass of ornamental oregano just demands admiration!

  4. Chris_N 09/19/2018

    Love the succulents in the funnel. You always come up with something off the wall that looks great. Thanks for sharing. I always like to see what you are up to in your wonderful garden.

  5. User avater
    treasuresmom 09/19/2018

    Wow, I love that Ornamental oregano!

  6. perenniallycrazy 09/19/2018

    Amazing late summer garden Jeff. I love them all!!! I’ve missed your presence on GPOD and glad to see you’re back.

  7. btucker9675 09/19/2018

    What a wonderful, eclectic garden - enjoyed these photos so much!

  8. Meelianthus 09/19/2018

    Hi Jeff ~ ALWAYS enjoy your postings, your plants, and the "weird" 'GoodEarthisms' - whatever they call you, I think we will always recognize your gardens. Thanks for the update on your always interesting plants.

  9. cheryl_c 09/19/2018

    I wasn't sure it was really you until I saw the funnel and then the pitcher plants - Yep, it really IS Jeff, even tho his name is spelled wrong! Enjoyed your pictures, as always, and hope that your fall is long, delightful and totally non-stressed.

  10. User avater
    pattyeckels 09/19/2018

    How did you keep your succulents from the cold winter we had? I live in Charleston, SC and I lost all of mine in the 3-4 inches of snow! lol Your gardens are gorgeous Especially your "weirdo" garden . Love it!!

  11. sheila_schultz 09/19/2018

    Thanks for posting a tiny portion of your end-of-season delights, Jeff. Your Sarracenia's are perfection. FYI, it would make my day if you would send in a lengthy post of your Halloween garden extravaganza... just thinking about your humor brings a huge smile to my face, Mr. Calton! Thanks!

  12. ancientgardener 09/19/2018

    I am not usually a succulent fan, but if I could find some as pretty and unusual as yours I could easily be converted. I have not been a member of your group for very long, but have enjoyed all your gardens and conversations for several years. I am a 90 year old widow and had to give up my largest garden, but still have two good-sized ones . can't keep my hands out of the dirt.:)

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 09/19/2018

      Nice to know a little more about you, ancientgardener. If you haven't yet submitted pictures, please do. Sounds like you must have lots of well earned gardening knowledge.

    2. perenniallycrazy 09/19/2018

      That's so awesome ancientgardener!

    3. cheryl_c 09/19/2018

      Ancientgardener - so good to hear that you are still gardening at 90 - so was my father ! I hope my genes are as good as yours and his - I would have great difficulty giving up gardening. I agree with Michaele - please send in pictures if you haven't yet.

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