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    Enjoy a Cuppa: Blending Teas

    Cold weather inspires drinking hot beverages. When you come in from being out-of-doors on a frigid day, what do you want to drink?

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    What the Chef Grows

    Most people wouldn’t argue that I know my way around a kitchen. What many don’t know, though, is that I know my way around a garden, too. I learned how…

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    Garlic Basics

    Ask a gardener what signals the arrival of spring and you’ll likely hear one of these common answers: “the daffodils showing up,” “the robins returning,” and “the sun intensifying.” My…

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    Unusual Herbs With Excellent Flavor

    “Herbs are weeds.” Because I own a nursery that specializes in this special breed of plants, I’ve heard that phrase come out of the mouths of my customers, friends, family—heck,…

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    Regional Picks: Best Edibles – Northwest

     1. ‘Montovano’ Fennel Maturity: 75 to 80 days Yield: One bulb per foot Needs: Full sun to partial shade; light, fertile soil Bulb fennel was once an oddity at local…

  • Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist
    Kitchen Gardening

    Give Your Vegetables a Thai Twist

    A few special seasonings turn American vegetables into vibrant Asian fare.

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    Anise Seed Biscotti

    A simple but sophisticated cookie, these biscotti are the perfect use for your pungent anise seeds, which are much more flavorful than store-bought.

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    Saffron in the Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition

    The Pennsylvania Dutch are a people of many beliefs and lifestyles, but they share one thing in common: Their cookery is the product of their land.

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    How to Grow Saffron

    It makes sense to grow your own saffron, the world's most expensive spice. Here's how to grow it affordably and add a little color to your cooking.