• Design

    End of Summer in Alice’s Garden

    My name is Alice and I live in Sweaburg, which is in southwestern Ontario. This year I had trouble again finding all the bedding plants, such as salvias, that I…

  • Design

    Another Year in a Wonderful Garden

    Today we’re visiting Adeline Kong’s garden. We’ve been there before, so if you enjoy these photos, be sure to check out previous posts beginning here. Greetings again from British Columbia.…

  • Design

    A Garden That Works With Nature Instead of Fighting It

    Today we’re visiting Anne’s garden on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario. Our garden is a happy mix of cultivated and naturalized plants situated on alvarlike terrain in a rural development…

  • Design

    From Play Yard to Shaded Oasis

    Today Susan Amadio is sharing her Wilmington, Delaware, garden with us. My garden has evolved over the past 40+ years from a sunny play yard for kids to a shaded…

  • Design

    Design Inspiration From Across the Pond

    It is always a thrill when we get to share some photos from Istvan Dudas. He’s the caretaker and designer of a stunning private garden in the United Kingdom. The…

  • Creeping Sedums

    Creeping Sedums

    These colorful perennials fit into many niches