season extenders

  • mini hoop tunnels

    Protect Your Veggies With Mini Hoop Tunnels

    Whether you are trying to prevent rabbits from nibbling lettuce, protect newly transplanted tomatoes from frost, or shelter cool-season vegetables into late autumn or even winter, a mini hoop tunnel…

  • How-To

    Get a Jump Start on Spring Planting

    Don’t you just love the spells of warmer days (between storms) that remind us that winter is coming to an end? In the Mountain West, we gardeners know we still…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Hoop House–Style Raised Bed Frost Protection

    This small “hoop house" style structure can support whatever frost covering material you need, and can be mounted to the bed in a couple of ways.

  • Article

    A Cool New Idea in Plant Protector Design

    Gardeners who want to extend their growing season in cool climates can benefit from an effective new plant protector design.