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    Have You Heard of Mini Head Lettuces?

    There’s a lot to love about mini head lettuces, which are tender young greens harvested when they are about 6 inches tall and wide. Gardeners and farmers appreciate that this…

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    What the Chef Grows

    Most people wouldn’t argue that I know my way around a kitchen. What many don’t know, though, is that I know my way around a garden, too. I learned how…

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    Beyond the Basic Greens

    Fresh-picked salad greens are among the most rewarding vegetables that a gardener can grow. What else yields tasty baby leaves in just 30 days from a few seeds sown in…

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    Summer Salad, Nicoise-Style

    Summertime and the living is easy--supper time involves as little cooking as possible--and preparing something simple with garden produce. Here is a recipe for an easy salad, Nicoise-style, using whatever…

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    Lettuce in Every Season

    Start it early, sow it often, and eat it all year

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    How to Grow the Ultimate Salad Bowl

    Gardeners may wonder if the vegetable on the seed packet or photo in the catalog lives up to its lofty description. Hudson Valley Seed Library’s Ultimate Salad bowl doesn't disappoint.

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    The Salad Bed: Still Gathering Greens through the Month of May

    The garden is in the spring-changing-to-summer mode and so is the weather; time to get out there and eat the salad greens before they bolt in this heat!

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    Summer Greek Salad

    Having just recently spent a few weeks in July on the isle of Syros, I found out what a true Greek salad is. This salad is placed on the table…

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    Asian Vegetable Salads

    Asian salads are very different from their Western counterparts, says Ruth Lively. Vegetables are rarely totally raw and crisp.

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    Tabbouleh with Mint

    This is a traditional-style Middle Eastern tabbouleh with the added flavors of garbanzos, pine nuts, and currants.