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    Cucurbita 101: A Pumpkin Guide

    Here's a breakdown of four common "Cucurbit" groups.

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    Use Winter Squash for Halloween

    Pumpkins are the traditional decorating choice for Halloween, but why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Here are three unusual winter squash varieties to adorn your…

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    Show Us Your Pumpkins!!

    OK, so, Halloween is coming up, a week from today to be exact, and we wanna see what you're doing with your pumpkins. This year, how about a botanical theme?…

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    In October, pumpkins are everywhere. You can carve them, of course, but you can also eat them. And of course you can grow your own.

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    Pumpkins: Beyond Halloween

    Everyone likes to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Pumpkins also make great eating. If you can grow squash, you can grow pumpkins. Get suggestions for growing and using them.