• Growing Hot Peppers

    Tips for Growing Hot Peppers

    Peppers are native to the tropics, which explains why they thrive in warm weather. As tempting as it is to get a jump-start on the gardening season, do not plant…

  • How-To

    Choosing and Planting a Conifer

    A conifer can be a substantial garden purchase, so think ahead and be strategic when choosing and planting one. Here are some things to consider: Conifers are a long-term investment.…

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    Green Flowers

    Green flowers are beautiful, even when it's not St. Patrick's day.

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    The Experts’ Top Ten Slide Show

    Find out which plants they think a garden shouldn't be without by Steve Aitken, Fine Gardening issue 143 The legendary Johnny Cash once gave his daughter, Rosanne, a list of…

  • A variety of textured and colorful plants

    Got a Passion for Plants?

    When Don and Lela Avery hear comments on how lovely their garden is, they remind visitors that they have grown a lot of plants but have also seen a lot…

  • How-To

    Rejuvenate Your Strawberry Patch

    There is nothing quite like a warm strawberry picked ripe from your own garden, but not everyone has success with strawberry plants every year. Sure, plunking a strawberry plant in…

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    Shrubs for Summer

    Get the most structure and looks out of summer with these shrubs

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    Hydrangeas on Parade

    Choose a good variety for your region, care for it properly, and it will reward you with years of stunning summer blooms.

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    Rhodies to Treasure

    Azaleas and rhododendrons, both belonging to the Rhododendron genus, are a hallmark of spring. Whether they flank a suburban doorway or sit atop a Japanese-style planting as focal point, these…

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    Easy, Beautiful Elephant’s Ears

    In a bed, border, or container, elephant's ears are the ultimate foliage plants.