• lady bugs

    How to Attract Good Bugs to Your Garden

    It happens every spring. First, a few aphids appear on the cold crops. I barely notice. A week later, the aphids have doubled. I start to get concerned. After another…

  • Design

    Liz’s All Season Garden

    Today Liz Cordova is welcoming us into her Southern California garden, starting with a beautiful quote: “And since all this loveliness cannot be Heaven, I know in my heart it…

  • Design

    What Vegetables to Plant for Fall and When to Plant Them

    In my northern garden, the arrival of autumn doesn’t signal an end to the growing season. Instead, it’s a shift from the heat-loving vegetables of summer to the cool- and…

  • Article

    Wild Weeds and Seasonal Greens

    Just finished teaching a folk school class on Wild Weeds and Seasonal Greens at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. We foraged for weeds and combined them with…

  • Article

    Harvest Your Herbs and Make Green Sauce!

    Here it is the last week of June and my cilantro, rocket, dill, and parsley are over a foot tall and some are wanting to bolt. Get out there and…

  • Article

    Spring Harbingers are Popping Out

    After all of the cold weather this winter, most of the nation is experiencing a late spring. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring--here are a few herbal harbingers…

  • Design

    4 Easy, Pretty, and Edible Planting Designs

    I consider myself pretty lucky to have thousands of heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb varieties in my backyard—which happens to be Seed Savers Exchange's Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa. Although…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

    Get acquainted with the good bugs and lure them to your garden by planting flowers they like. It's a green way to keep your vegetables healthy.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow Parsley

    This indispensable, easy-to-grow culinary herb wins accolades for its piquant flavor. It’s highly ornamental in pots, borders, or the vegetable garden; and it stores and freezes beautifully.