• canna rhizomes

    How to Overwinter Tender Plants in the Northern Plains

    Winter weather can be challenging for gardeners in the Northern Plains. However, we are still able to use cold-sensitive plants in our gardens if we take the necessary steps to…

  • fig plant wrapped up for winter

    Overwintering In-Ground Figs in Colder Climates

    The most important rule when growing figs in cold areas is to be creative. For example, I once met a Zone 5 grower who made a “figatorium,” a greenhouse with…

  • tree fern

    How to Overwinter Tender Perennials Outdoors in the Pacific Northwest

    Brr! A sense of urgency surrounds the weather forecast in the Northwest. October is over, with its subtle reminders and soft colors of apricot and red. Winter is on its…

  • Article

    The Great Houseplant Migration

    I’m not much of a houseplant person during the warm part of the year. In fact, virtually all my house plants spend the summer outside on the patio, where they’re…

  • Article

    Pineapple Lilies

    Barbara Cain of Norwell, Massachusetts, sent in these images of one of her favorite plants. Eucomis comosa 'Sparkling Burgundy' is a tender bulb in New England (hardy in Zones 8–11)…

  • Article

    Spice Up Your Garden With Tropical Beauties

    Today’s photos come from Barbara Cain of Norwell, Massachusetts, who shares some of the beauties from her garden this year. Many of these plants are tender perennials—tropical plants that can’t…

  • How-To

    Bring It In!

    Tropical plants are a major part of my home garden. It requires effort to lift them every fall and replant them in spring, but it’s worth it to have a…

  • Article

    How to Turn a Basement Into a Greenhouse

    Arlene Lopas shared her beautiful garden with us some weeks ago and mentioned that she uses lights in her basement to overwinter many plants. Many of you were curious about…

  • Article

    Mixing Art and Plants to Perfection

    Today’s photos come from Arlene Lopas. I garden in Zones 3–4 and have a variety of interesting Zone 5 hardy perennials plus annuals. I overwinter many plants in my indoor…

  • Video

    Winterizing at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

    Winter is an extremely tough time for gardeners. It's tough to figure out how to help your plants get through the long, cold months, especially in the harsh northern climate.…