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    The Right Way to Cut Back Grasses

    Wispy, billowy, airy, feathery, wavy—these are just some of the words we use to describe ornamental grasses. So often, though, grasses are stripped of all these adjectives by incorrect trimming.…

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    Episode 51: Great Grasses

    As gardeners, we love ornamental grasses for a plethora of reasons: They have great texture, they attract wildlife, many are native to North America. But, there are several options out…

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    Native Ornamental Grasses for the Northern Plains

    Native ornamental grasses have an important place in the prairie landscape of the Northern Plains, where at one time they formed the foundation of the North American Prairie. Capable of…

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    Caring for Ornamental Grasses in the Fall

    Taking center stage in many Southern gardens in fall are the artful plumes of ornamental grasses. The graceful seed heads of a variety of species should be in full glory…

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    A Rosy Garden in Argentina, Part 2

    Welcome back to Martha Veronesi’s incredible garden in the city of Pilar, Argentina. My largest garden bed is the one that we can see directly from the gallery of the…

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    Flowering Grasses: Uncommon Varieties

    When it comes to ornamental grasses and their flowers, also known as inflorescences, it’s the subtle things that add up. Sure, they don’t have the in-your-face flower power of a…

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    End the Season with Style

    It happens every year. When summer’s heat and humidity ease up and I can think about getting back into the garden, I realize that I haven’t done enough to take…

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    Cool-Season Containers

    The end of the season is a relaxing time. Cooler temperatures prevail, and plants are slowing down or are preparing to go dormant. This isn’t really a time, then, for…

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    Quickly Clean an Evergreen Grass

    Planting an evergreen grass in your garden beds is a wonderful way to keep green out in the yard the whole year through. However, while they are evergreen, many grasses…

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    Designing With Grasses

    Their presence allows them to be used like shrubs