• Iris leaf spot targets iris foliage after particularly moist summers.

    Look Out for Iris Leaf Spot in the Mid-Atlantic

    As the Mid-Atlantic enters fall after a hot and humid summer, gardeners face many challenges. Among these are controlling pests and battling disease. Pest and disease infestations tend to be…

  • Purple irises in front of a grey house

    Gardening Around a Historic Home

    Today we're visiting with Sid Raisch. We garden at the historic Dawson House in Hillsboro, Ohio. Our family moved to this 1890s home eleven years ago. There was really no…

  • A peony covered with bright pink flowers

    Cindy’s Wisconsin Garden

    Today we’re visiting Cindy Lindstedt’s garden in Wisconsin. I have been gardening for 25 years, am certified as a Southeastern Wisconsin Master Gardener (SEWMG) and am a member of the…

  • Design

    The Best Spring Ever

    Today we get to look at Sandy Ruyack's garden. This year my garden took off in leaps and bounds. I’ve been in my home in Brewster, New York, for over…

  • Design

    Maples, Pitcher Plants, and More

    I had a chance last week to visit the wonderful Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of my favorite public gardens, with beautiful plants and designs…

  • purple reticulata irises

    The Other Irises

    You know how sometimes at a party or dinner there is that one super-extrovert who so totally dominates the conversation that it is hard to notice or get to know…

  • Article

    Beautiful Beards

    Stuart Boone shared these images before of his friend Mary’s bearded iris garden in Red Bluff, California, and he’s back today with more incredible images of these beautiful flowers! ‘Beverly…

  • How-To

    Dividing Irises

    I know many gardeners have a strong aversion to division. But as a gardening mentor of mine used to say, if it’s all right to remodel the house, it’s all…