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The goddess of the rainbow returns!

Stuart Boone shared these images before of his friend Mary’s bearded iris garden in Red Bluff, California, and he’s back today with more incredible images of these beautiful flowers!

‘Beverly Sills’. Introduced back in 1979, this lovely iris is still one of the best pinks. It is easy to see why this plant is so beloved. Not only are the flowers perfectly pink, large, and ruffled, but ‘Beverly Sills’ is also one of the most vigorous, heavy flower varieties on the market. It is fitting that this beautiful plant is named for one of the most famous opera singers of all time! ‘Main Street’. Can you get anything better than the striking contrast between those dark falls and the bright white standards? Often dark flower colors don’t show up well in the garden, but this combination in the same flower ensures the dark will always get noticed. And lean closer—this variety is noted for its strong fragrance as well! A view down the row of different beautiful irises. ‘Silk Road’ is well named for its exotic beauty: a very unusual combination of soft yellow and many shades of lavender. This award-winning variety is a true treasure. ‘Mr. Moonlight’. White flowers are sometimes overlooked by gardeners, but their impact in the garden is incredible. They feel cool on a hot afternoon, they provide great contrast to darker flowers, and for those of us who enjoy our gardens in the evenings after work, white is perfect because it glows in even the faintest light of the moon. ‘Sea Cruise’. Called the ‘neglecta’ pattern, blue and white is a classic combination in iris flowers—cool, elegant, and ever so sophisticated. This is the sort of flower that will go with anything. Pair with other blues and whites for a calm garden, or mix in some hot oranges and reds for a bold contrast.


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  1. Maggieat11 05/15/2018

    So lovely!

    Could you share with us how you take care of your iris once the blooms have past? Do you have other plants that come up within your Iris patch? Any issues with iris borers? Thank you!!

    1. user-7024427 05/17/2018

      I am sorry for the delay. After flowering, I cut the flower stalks and remove dead or injured leaves. I fertilize the irises a month after they have finished blooming with 6-10-10. I also fertilize before the iris bloom --timing it to when my tulips start to bloom. During this time, the California poppies, oriental poppies, day lilies and peonies really are starting to grow. I put in annuals, usually pansies or marigold around the outside of the iris bed. In the back of the bed I was late dead heading this year the Dutch iris and braiding the daffodils and narcissus or the leaves would have looked nicer.
      Ps. Thankfully, I do not have Iris borers.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/15/2018

    Gazing at a fancy and frilly lineup of different varieties of tall bearded iris is kind of like watching a Miss Universe pageant...each is so beautiful in its own way.

  3. cheryl_c 05/15/2018

    Stuart, please thank Mary for sharing her beautiful iris with us. And we thank you for your excellent photography and for knowing the names of the varieties! These, indeed, are beauties worthy of a pageant!

  4. wittyone 05/15/2018



  5. Cenepk10 05/15/2018

    I adore them ALL !!!! Getting quite the collection going over here, too. My neighbors are generous! As far as layering in the garden - I tuck them in and all through my beds. They are mixed with crocosmia, dahlias, day lillies, herbs, roses. They need dividing often here, which suits me fine as I have 2 acres to fill. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. btucker9675 05/15/2018

    Not many things are more beautiful than irises - thank you for sharing these!

  7. JamesMartin5 02/07/2022

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