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  • thinning depends on the crop

    Learn How to Thin Vegetable Seedlings

    Some people hate to see a plant go to waste, as I discovered one day while thinning chard in the company of an eight-year-old child. Intent on my task, I…

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    Easy-to-Build Cold Frame

    Experience has taught me that the simplest solution is often the best. I wanted to spend more time using my new cold frame than building it, so I designed a…

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    Herbal Dessert Recipes

    As chefs, lecturers, writers, and consultants on the herbal arts, we are always encouraging people to use herbs in both traditional and innovative ways. Several years ago, we embarked upon…

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    Herbal Teas, From Garden to Teacup

    My first experience with herbal tea was an attempt to locate herbs for an allegedly healthful tea an herbalist friend had prescribed. It was about 20 years ago, and the…

  • How-To

    Creating an Outdoor Shower

    Forget about rinsing off with the garden hose. After a day spent mulching and weeding under the hot sun, nothing beats an outdoor shower. All that fresh air, warm water,…

  • Video

    How to Plant Fall Bulbs in Containers

    Bulbs are a wonderful joy to see in the springtime. To hear our podcast detailing the best spring-flowering bulbs, click here. If you’re looking for information on boring, basic tulips,…

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    How to Plant Bulbs

    Spring bulbs are always a welcome sight, a sign that the cold months are drawing to an end and the warm sunshine is coming soon. However, some gardeners may not…

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    A Simple Way to Prune Blueberries

    There are many schools of thought when it comes to pruning blueberry bushes. Some say you should do yearly removal of the thickest canes after a plant reaches three years…

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    A Tidy Way to Pot a Container

    Containers are a great way to showcase your favorite plants. Container planting gives you many options for combining different plants, as well as easily changing the layout of your garden.…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    More Compost, Less Work

    Here's a space-saving setup that eliminates the need for turning