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    Midsummer Garden Harvest

    Today is the first day of August, also recognized as Lammas Day (which is the celebration of the wheat harvest in parts of the Northern Hemisphere where English is traditionally…

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    One of my very favorite flowers that I grow in all of my gardens for many reasons—are nasturtiums—and I affectionately refer to these garden rowdies as “nasties”. They are easy…

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    50 Flowers That Are Safe to Eat

    Upon request after a recent webinar on flowers in the kitchen, I am posting a list of some flowers that are safe to eat. You are responsible for proper identification.

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    Incredible Edibles: Flowers in the Kitchen

    I recently did a webinar for the Herb Society of America by the same title. Right now we are in the height of the summer season and our gardens are…

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    Fourth of July Fare: Potato Salad

    Most folks celebrate Independence Day with a cookout or picnic. When I think of summer foods to accompany this event--potato salad and coleslaw, summer ripe tomatoes and corn-on-the-cob immediately come…

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    Four Elements Organic Herbals: Growing Medicinal Herbs in Wisconsin

    On a recent visit to Madison, Wisconsin, a group of herbal enthusiasts went to visit the medicinal herb gardens of HSA speaker, Jane Hawley Stevens, proprietress of Four Elements Organic…

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    Summer Solstice: Time for Farmers’ Markets, Gardening, Seasonal Bounty and Weeds

    It is that time of year again already! Today we celebrate the true arrival of summer with the solstice--the longest day and shortest night of the entire year. Not that…

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    Spring in the Vegetable Garden

    It has been a very wet spring here in the Mid-Atlantic. I’m not complaining—always thankful for the precipitation—it makes it challenging for planting when the garden is soggy. Everything is…

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    Spring is Bursting Out All Over!

    Whether you are in the sunny South and already harvesting your brassicas,or in the northern climes where the early spring harbingers are just popping after the last snow--it is spring!What's…

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    Hot Cross Buns and Fresh Bay Leaves

    Today I got a hankering for hot cross buns, which I have not made in quite awhile--it is that time of year that we see them for sale. Well, the…