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  • LAAP episode 156 Finding Design Inspiration with Jay Sifford

    Episode 156: Finding Design Inspiration with Jay Sifford

    Jay Sifford is an award-winning landscape designer based in North Carolina. Several of his garden designs have been featured in Fine Gardening, including a one-of-a-kind modern meadow garden and a…

  • winter garden inspiration

    Winter Gardening: Inspiration for a Time of Wonder

    It is tempting to think of winter as a time of hibernation, but these seemingly quieter moments can be the time when a garden’s most significant changes take place. With…

  • meadow garden at sunset

    Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places | Letter from the Editor

    One of the worst parts of being a garden editor/photographer is visiting gorgeous spaces around North America and not being able to share the experience in real time with anyone…

  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Is a Southeastern Standout

    Visiting a public garden is one of the best ways to find inspiration. One of the best public gardens in our region is Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia.…

  • Article

    15 Ideas to Steal for Your Garden

    Pablo Picasso said something to the effect of, “Bad artists imitate. Great artists steal.” The same quote is often attributed to Igor Stravinsky and T. S. Eliot. Whoever said it,…

  • Design

    Romantic Fairytale Garden

    Nancy DeBellas's garden looks like pages out of a fairytale book.

  • View of the front of the house with curved beds embracing the front walk

    Curve Appeal

    When Catherine Feldman first moved to her home in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the garden was essentially a blank slate. She dreamed of bringing the neglected landscape back to life and…

  • lush greens with a flowering purple wisteria and a bench in the background

    A Second Look

    Not all of the best photos make it into an issue of Fine Gardening. A photo might not illustrate a certain point the article is making, or it might be…

  • bold colorful plants in the garden, with shades of red, purple, yellow and chartreuse

    Design a Garden With Bold Colors

    As an amateur artist, I know that four is the number of hues I can use in a painting without it starting to look garish. The more colors you use…

  • Design

    Matching the Colors of Your House and Garden

    A well-coordinated palette enhances and unifies your design